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Themes "Glassware & Antiques"

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Victorian biscuit jar
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Bird Nana, I take the braces off at night because I sleep on right side resting my head on my hand and the braces are in the way, so I take them out.


So sorry for your pain dearest marina - i suffered for two years with it in both my wrists - eventually i wore the braces day and night. Then i had the op on my left wrist - was okay but not enough to warrant the right hand being done and funnily enough the right one got a lot better all on its own - probably in sympathy with the left ♥♥♥ Praying yopu get some relief - take pain killers !!!


Marina, at some point I thought mine was going to return because of the many puzzles. I discovered that using a stylus solves the problem. I could not do it in the computer with the mouse. And why not use braces at night? We do bend them in ways that affects it... maybe not too tight.


Jaklien, Pam and BirdNana, thank you for your concern. The doctor put my hand on a brace which I take out when I go to sleep. Too much puzzle solving did that.. I have to slow down, again :-((


Eloise, thank you. I'm glad you like it.


Marina, the brace is really helpful. Used every night to sleep and during the day as much as possible. I did for six months and now I do not need it any more.


Absolutely gorgeous - love this colour green ♥♥


Nicely chosen!

Dear Marina, I hope your hand will soon be a thing of the past after treatment. I wish you every success.


Thanks for comment, Marina - take good care with your right hand. ❤️



Sorry for not answering to your comments, folks. My carpal syndrome is back and my right hand is almost out.


You are welcome Suzie, Jillian and Janet. I'm glad you like it.


You are welcome Nevil and Lunie. I'm glad you like it.


I like your puzzles too, Pam. Glad you like it.


What a beautiful puzzle thanks Marina, hugs to you my friend. ♥


I echo Suzy’s comment. Beautiful, thank you.


The glass is exquisite in both color and texture.
You always find the unique, Marina. Thank you.


Nice color for a glass. TFS Marina.


A fine post for the Theme, Marina. ♥♥♥


I enjoy so many of your puzzles, Marina.
Thanks for this one and for all of them! ♥︎☺︎♥︎

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