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Ash - Smug kitty is happy now that the heating is on!

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  1. liertje19784:27
  2. foxy625:48
  3. Impie5:51
  4. rhjrgj6:15
  5. jcat6:19
  6. Lynetteoz6:24
  7. JoCaVe6:47
  8. pnorg466:53
  9. puzz5257:21
  10. Hebe8:13


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Well, Ash, I thought I had seen smug before but you quite take the cake. ☺☺


Soo, he does love his heat!

I wouldn't dare Kayell!

Lynetteoz, he has plenty of compensations to make up for the lack of sunbeams!

He really does, tisketsmum!

Impie, he's got a fur coat on, you would think he'd get too warm next to the radiator, but it doesn't seem to happen. ☺☻☺


Aw sweet boy....I can tell you're really enjoying the heat....☺♥


That's it, the heating on now for 4 or 5 months mum. He does love his radiator bed doesn't he :)))


Gosh time goes fast Ash!! You are back on your lovely bed by the radiator and yes don't let mum turn it off. Life is hard enough for a cat without sunbeams in the winter time :-)


Quite right, Ashy boy...... You make sure she doesn't turn it off again when you're not looking!


You are a lucky boy Ash and you do look ever so comfy on your bed :))

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