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Once upon a time there was a puppy. Part 2

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We walked through the streets and saw beautiful bushes, suddenly I saw two dogs (top right in the photo. That time I didn't know them yet. I never met the white one, he died a day after mum took this photo. The black one is Sasja, aunt Joke's dog. She lives near our house.
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Waf waf woof aunt Mother, no I didn't die, my friend died this week, I'm happily in life and five years old now. Sweet licks, Bella. ♥♥♥


Nice pic! Sorry he died.


Waf woof dear aunties. Yes aunties, it looked like a very nice neighbourhood and we love to love there. But at that moment we didn't know yet that we would move again. We were just exploring. Aunt Faye, that was true, I was 8 months, that meant 40 minutes walks and mum took good notice of that. Slowly on we made longer walks but she always checked the time. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Gorgeous spring photo with our lovely Bella♥♥♥


What a beautiful neighborhood to walk through, especially when the gardens are in bloom. Thanks for showing this to us again.


Good thing that you got to inspect the neighbourhood before moving in...but playtime and that walk from your apartment way over here must have made it a "long" day for you. ;DDD


Waf woof dear aunties. We were exploring the neighbourhood, we didn't know then that we would buy a house here very soon. The house where we live know is only a few minutes from this spot. And indeed, I never had problems with making new friends but I didn't meet Sasja that day, they walked another direction. And indeed, here are some beautiful gardens, we love to walk here in that time of the year. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Beautiful rhododendron and azalea. Memories of spring!
Woof woof! ♥♥♥


Beautiful walk with the opportunity to make new friends. Great caress and sweet licking from Laura ♥♥♥ Best wishes to your mom !♥♥


You are going by a lovely garden, Bella. Thanks, Ank.

Beautiful streets for a walk. So sad for the white dog. Mum got the last photo of him.


Bella, they are beautiful flowers, sorry to hear you never got to meet the white dog, is this the first time you saw Sasja?


Good morning Bella! It didn't take you long to make friends and enjoy the views on your walks did it? ☺♥♥♥

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