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Favorite Spot

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They did love me(I choose to think lol). But what you say is true - cats are way more subtle in showing their affection.

I am sure they loved you too. Cats have a sneaking way to show love, it’s like they are embarrassed to admit it!!!

I wish that our family had had a dog when we were little but we never could - tiny house and too many people! My sister has one and it is like a little child. I did have my share of cats all of whom I loved dearly.

I love dogs! But I do not like the hair. That’s a big reason we have standard poodles, NO hair. Dirt, yes, paws sneak in sometimes!!😊. Dogs do claim their favorite spots.
Every dog is smart, just spend your time with these charming animals and you will never regret the time spent! The love you get back is pure heaven. This includes all animals even donkeys!

Redina, You have one sneaky(and smart) dog lol! Too funny! What a brat! :-D

Good idea, Evie!


Abby sometimes indicates she wants to go out, so I get up and head to the door. She doesn't come when I call, so I check on her and she has made herself very comfortable in my chair, with an innocent look on her face.


Agreed !!! I have pillow cases on all of the chairs (easy to wash) and an old flannel sheet on the recliner. (not so easy to wash, but does a good job)

LOL --- fur balls and dirt ... you're right! I especially have to laugh when they show pets on light-colored, dressy furniture. No reality there! Glad you have a loveseat for the two of you! You're welcome, dear Sheila! xoxo

Thankfully I have a love seat which accommodates Jack (the dog) and me, although I have to say this artist failed to draw in the fur balls and dirt left on the chair! My hand vacuum stands by day and night.
That dog in the painting rules the home.
Such a fun puzzle. Thank you friend.

I usually picked up my cat and then let him(made him lol) sit on my lap. Sometimes he got mad at me, sometimes not. Otherwise, there wasn't anywhere to sit! Love that chair too.


My cats get preference as well. Can't tell you the number of times they have been all curled up on the recliner and there was nowhere for me !!! I do love that the back of this chair is shaped like a heart !

Hello, Jasmine15 ... nice to see you here. Thanks for commenting. You're very welcome too! :-D Jeanne Marie

Loved this puzzle. Thank you.

Sue, That's a great solution so that you don't have to give up your own comfort lol. I would love to see what you do to distract her when you have company. Cute! :-D


I have a double recliner with a console in the middle. She has 1 side and I have the other side. If a guest has the "nerve" to sit on her side, she looks at them pointedly and/or sighs a I distract her from this behaviour so my human guests can sit wherever they like without being guilted into moving!

Sue, Then you have one very cute dog! My cat always used to go for my best chair. Our spoiled but loveable pets! :-D


Reminds me of my dog, who has taken ownership of one of my living room chairs!

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