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Neighbour cat "Dave"...

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...enjoying late afternoon sunbeams on my front path. Dave lives 2 doors next to us and their path was already in the shade so he moved to my path. He often does this and you can see he's quite relaxed. I took this photo through my kitchen window and when he saw me he gave me the "I love you" eye blinks! ☺☺
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Yeah, Nancy, though I think he comes for the warm paves! ☺ Dave is a 'quiet' kitty boy, I've never seen him in a fight with other cats, he's so unlike his sister Misty :-))


Awww. looks like a sweet visitor enjoying sunbeams and probably lots of interesting scents from your plants.


Yeah, Nan, shortly after Goofie died (September) we first thought Misty didn't come to our garden because she didn't 'smell' a cat anymore, but later I heard that Misty was run over by a car (October) :(

Yes, Val, he probably thought if I blink she'll let me stay in the sunshine....I loved getting his eye blinks, but without them I would also have let him enjoy the sunbeams on my path ☺☺

Thanks, Marilyn. He's a lovely but a shy kitty and maybe one day I get to stroke his soft fur too? :))


I am very glad you have a nice kitty visitor.


Dave is so relaxed and happy, the magic of eye blinks ☺☺


I remember all the problems caused by Misty! Glad Dave has a different attitude.


Yeah, Ella, he's shy to strangers and he roams the neighbourhood, but he's a gentle soul and sort of relaxed when you call him by his name. His sister Misty (who was run over and killed October 2017) ...was feisty and was the terror of the neigbhourhood in the back and at the front! Goofie did have several fights with her when she trespassed his/our garden! :)

Right, Jil, before him neither did I.:)) His sister was called Misty!:)

Not sure, Anne, he and Goofie never met, but he probably can tell I don't mind him enjoying the sunbeams on my path. Thanks. :)

Yeah, Pammi, he loves the warm sunbeams on his body and on my path he's also safe from a parking car! I guess he doesn't share them very often, but some time ago he was lying there too and he was startled when he saw me, but then I gave him the eye blinks and he blinked back. Here he was the one who started blinking and I of course blinked back! ☺♥☺

Thank you, lurdo, Dave loves the warmth and peace and quite of my front path. Of course you are welcome to get a nap on my path too, but I'll give you something softer than the paves to lie on...:-)))

He does, GG, thanks. Yeah, he's a good boy. I was talking to his "owner" last Friday and Dave walked passed me with his tail up, straight to his 'daddy'...but he almost brushed my legs! One day I might even get to stroke him, who knows? ☺

Yeah, Betty! If he were my kitty, I wouldn't let him roam the neighbourhood and enjoy him as much as I could! ☺☺☺

That's a comfy boy! ☺☺☺


This kitty looks so content on your path, Impie! ☺ He certainly knows a safe place to relax. Thank you getting a photo of him so we could "meet" him! ☺

Yout garden is so lovely that invite not just Dave Me too so I want to ask Do You Invite Me to get a nap in your path ?


Dave sure knows the right place to come to for rest and recreation, Impie. You are so blessed to receive those special eye blinks, I'm sure he does not share them around thoughtlessly ☺♥☺


Aw, maybe he's honoring the memory of Goofie by being there. He's saying, "I know you miss him. I miss him too." Maybe? Sweet photograph!


First time I have met a cat called Dave and he certainly does look very relaxed. Thanks Impie pretty photo.


Dave looks like a real sweetie.


LOL Carol, I guess he does, when I'd open my front door he's quickly going home, so I stayed behind my window and took his photos. When his 'daddy' is walking their 2 large dogs, Dave often will follow them from a short distance, it's a lovely scene! I've never been able to stroke him as he's rather shy.


Sounds like Dave has you wrapped around his little paw?!

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