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Hey....:leaving on an airplane, don't know when I'll be back again:
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  1. adlb49:58
  2. Marrow1:07:00
  3. aclass011:07:01
  4. nanadar1:16:57
  5. jonnyt1:17:48
  6. zaubermolly1:18:05
  7. hincoq1:19:22
  8. stellani1:23:03
  9. margoleroy111:27:22
  10. niha1:34:24


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just take each day as it comes - there is light at the end of the tunnel - Happy Holidays
I have been yelling at John to get his throat checked out - he is a stubborn Welshman !
I hope Katy will let us hear from her soon -
take care, Pat


wjwitchPat, my friend, things are moving along. Sometimes I wish I was just traveling around on that beautiful plane above without a worry in the world :)) !! :))

Hi Ducky,
just checking in to see how things are with you -
your friend ,

Yes, this song was constantly playing in my head also - Hope you are starting to relax and enjoy !
your friend, Pat


wjwitchPat, Peter, Paul, and Mary had some fine songs!! Took me forever to get this particular song out of my head :) Take care my friend.

thanks, Ducky - Peter, Paul & Mary are some of my favorite folk singers :-)))

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