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Enjoying some outdoor time

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There are some nice dutch breeds. Barnevelder and Welsummer come to mind. Looking forward to seeing some pics. ☺︎


Sadly, no. We were talking over the fence while hearing the sound of someone's lawn tractor. Couldn't hear each other well. They're Dutch and my ears aren't as used to hearing their accent as well as I need. They're retired farmers (assume dairy) and I assume their children thought this would be the perfect gift for him/them. ...It's the cutest little building. From our house we mostly see the back of it, and we originally thought it was a dog house. I do hope the chickens will also have a little fenced-in area, otherwise they'll be really cooped in (prison). Properties around here are rather miniscule. There's a wooded area perhaps 300' away where there are wild turkeys, deer, raccoons, hares and whatever else. A neighbour once saw a bear in those woods. ...I thought of you and your predator problem.

My neighbours already know I'll be visiting their chickens with my camera. No idea when.

Should be interesting: we have a beagle/hound mix dog who has free access in our fenced-in backyard. The fence is one of those Frost wired fences. The neighbours' chicken coop is only a few feet away from our fence. Our dog's bay is quite loud! ☺


Oh yes, that would be great Francine. Do you know what kind of chickens he's getting?


Wonderful to see this.
(My neighbour received an early Father's Day gift last night ~ a small chicken coop is now in his backyard. Once he gets his two hens, I'll go over and photograph everything. ☺)


That's just like my weight. It all depends on who you compare me to. LOL. I have a couple of friends where I feel I know nothing in comparison, and to others who don't own chickens I know a lot.


I read the other comments and was aware that you were only going to keep the brown ones. It's amazing how much of an expert you've already become in chicken breeding.


Well four of them left a little while ago, I kept the two brownish ones. The guy also took the two that were 3 weeks older than these from the last hatch so there's only two that I have to worry about now.


That's what I use in my that I only use my air conditioner 1-3 days a summer. If you use a ceiling fan, you have to make sure that the chicks don't think it's a carnival ride and try to hop on. Well, if the fan goes slow enough, they might be able to perch on it. Otherwise, I suppose fileted chicken is what you'll have. lol


I was thinking of putting in a ceiling fan actually.


I think you should add an air conditioner.


Thanks Wendy and Kathy. It was a field trip and only required a short ride in a box to get out there. I hope you like it hot Wendy. Yesterday it went up to 40C in there and I had to open the flap and let some of the heat out. They're out there now because it's still sunny. We are expecting rain and thunderstorms starting around noon.


I give up! I wanted to get better than 14 seconds but I couldn't, Edie. Anyway, I had to solve this puzzle so that I could see the greenhouse up close and personal. I want to be a chick so that I can live in a house like it for the summertime. You are so good to your chicks, and it shows. All of them always look so healthy, and this batch is especially cute. :-))))))))))))


That's awesome - a field trip!!


Thanks PJ. I was visiting you while you were here. lol.


Adorable little sweethearts, they look soooooo cuddly - thank you for posting Edie,


Sorry we must have crossed Barb. Yes, rain please. I could still put these guy out unless we get a deluge. The two that are 3 weeks older are already looking raggedy. The guy taking 4 of these said he was also interested in the two older ones. We'll see what he says tomorrow. lol.


Thanks Ardy, Willy, Lorna and Sally. I had ordered the little greenhouse online and thought it would be a good place to keep chicks that still needed to be kept warm. Little did I know that it would be too hot for them. I ended up covering the top with a tablecloth and still I had to leave the door unzipped to get it down to a comfortable temperature for them. As a result I've been having to check them every 10 minutes. For the first hour they didn't even come out of the little box I put in there but slowly they gained a bit of confidence and are checking out their new digs. Hopefully 4 of them will be leaving tomorrow. I'm hanging onto the two brownish ones. ☺︎☺︎☺︎


It was a good day for them to have an outing, Edie. They are looking so cute still! Now let's hope for the rain tomorrow. :-)


Looking good, still in the fluffy cute stage... Looks lovely and green at your house.... Thanks for the update, Edie... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


They look great Edie, and happy! Thanks.


They must have liked it to be on the grass. A new experience for them.


They are so cute, Edie. How nice of you to give them an outing. :-))) Thank you.

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