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I think that's in chapter 2 of "A Cat's Purpose" book


Cats like to play with bottle tops at night, knocking them around the floor like hockey pucks.


I think a cat would choke on such a big thing.

Besides, cats are persnickidy eaters. They're not dogs. ;+)

Want to see the owner's face when the vet tells her how many kitty ate!!!!!

I couldn't count the number of caps I found under my clothes dryer when my Scooby-Doo passed away. He also stashed straws.. My current baby (Marbles) likes toy mice and goes thru them at an amazing rate...


Her face seems to say "What?" like it is perfectly natural to stash things away.


What is the deal with cats and bottle caps ??! One day I will find the stash but have not found any yet... :))


I hope mom didn't take them away from her.


i'm gonna trade them in for treats, okay?




could anyone be so mean as to take them away?

Are you proud of me, mom? Look how many I got! 😻😻

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