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☼ꎺ╱ ╲ꎺ웃 On the way 웃ꎺ╱ ╲ꎺ☼

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The last greeting of the sun in the golden reflections on the clouds heralds the end of the day ... after a while there will be darkness, which is now coming very fast
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Thank you camwebb ♥:))

How Lovely!!


camwebb888 thank you for your kind visit. I understand you, a curved road is always a little secret, what is probably behind a bend where we can't see? In this case, it was a small mountain village in which the first street lamps started to lit with coming evening ♥:))

I always love seeing a path disappearing around a curve.....wondering “where does it lead?”


Suzy, thank you for your kind company on our "walk". And now to those 25 km.In the beginning the plan was for a shorter trip and somehow it "degenerated". It was quite an extreme performance for me and I would like you to see what I looked like at the end of the day!!! I felt like my legs were coming out of my head. It was challenging, but the landscape and the weather balanced it ♥:))


25 KM????????? YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking us along. :))))))


Chelsey, thank you very much for your kind words with which you praised my photos. I am glad that you like this landscape, thank you for your nice wishes and I wish you a pleasant and peaceful weekend ♥:))


Thank you, Deanna. All your photos are incredibly beautiful, I love all four of them. H. Thank s again and have a nice weekend.


Jill, we are approaching the goal and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me throughout the journey and writing me your thoughts and kind words. My dear friend, our virtual journey is ending, fortunately our legs do not hurt as much as it was actually. It was a pleasure to go through it again with your kind company and I look forward to our next adventures together ♥:))


Dear Dasa, thank you for the kind words you wrote me. I'm happy to share photos from the trip with my daughter and I'm glad you like it. I wish you a nice weekend and I hope to see you ♥:))


Gorgeous photo. Deanna I’m thankful my walk was virtual, I couldn’t do 25km. The finish is close and the view is the most beautiful. Thanks for this lovely set ❤️

Dear Deanna, You have faithfully described all your photos. You are a good observer. I really like all the pictures. I look forward to another meeting and have a good night. ♥♥♥


Annetta, thank you for your nice visit, I'm really very pleased that you like my photo ♥:))


Super photo!!


Jerry, thank you for your kind message, it's amazing how some scenes from a completely different part of the world remind us of a landscape we know well. It also happens to me and I am very pleased that I have brought this memory to you. For me, it's also the best photo today and a fresh memory of last Tuesday, at that moment my daughter and I had almost 25 km "in our legs" and we were approaching the end of the trip, that was a relief ... LOL ♥:))


@Deanna My favorite for the day. What a charming, tranquil scene. Reminds me of the road to the farm on which I grew up in Massachusetts. Thanks for taking me there! SSSW, my friend.

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