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Smoke on the Horizon

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I took this photo yesterday while golfing. To the east, south and west, I could see nothing but clear, blue sky ringing our valley. When I turned north, however, the smoke from the Bighorn Fire north of Tucson continues to rise and wreath the Catalina Mountains, softening and obscuring their sharp visage.
June 2020, Quail Creek, Arizona
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  2. nela090:38
  3. Toto0:44
  4. goingsilver0:49
  5. Pekaji0:55
  6. Berroye0:56
  7. JennyG661:06
  8. Blokjeagogo1:07
  9. jen71:09
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Not yet this season.


No Sahara Dust?


Suzy - re, practice, practice, practice - Ah, go climb a mountain and leave us poor duffers alone. The world needs people like me at the bottom of the golf gene pool to make themselves feel good. I am, therefore, performing an invaluable service.


May the firefighters remain safe and damage to property be minimal. Fires are so devastating.

RE your golf game: Practice, practice, practice!


The fire has been raging for a bit over two weeks now, Raaike. Luckily, the firefighters have been able to keep it away from metro area.

Lorna, at night, the fire is a great draw for sightseers as it crawls it way up and down the mountains. And you're right, it was a lovely day on the golf course. I could only wish my game were that lovely.


Wow, scary. It has an almost eerie effect on the appearance of the mountains - but the golf course looks great!


Toto, still not pleasant to see and to know that it is not that far. :-) ♥

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