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  1. baderinwa1:09
  2. Horseradish1:10
  3. jan42ful1:11
  4. Helen20141:17
  5. daga1:17
  6. jsthewillard1:27
  7. jmz1:28
  8. juneg19571:34
  9. unicorn31:39


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Hello Dear Janet. The Squares Do Look Like Bottoms Of Bottles Filled With Blue Ribbons. Great To Hear You Had Some Rain, Your Garden Sure Would Be Happy. Miss Molly Wouldn't Like It. Poor Miss Miffie Having To Go All Day Without Food, [[ I Think She May Have Been Telling Mum Fibs ]] She Is So Sweet. They Sure Have Loveable Ways Don't They. Many Thanks For Your Lots Of Love, Hugs & Your Friendship. It Means So Much To Me. Love & Best Wishes, Princess Marlene. X X X X. == [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] == TO MY 2 HAPPY DARLINGS MOLLY & MIFFIE == MANY THANKS GIRLS FOR YOUR HAPPY MUMS HOME PURRS & MEOWS == HEAPS OF GENTLE HUGS & LOADS OF FURRY PURRY KISSES I LOVE GETTING THEM & I LOVE YOU GIRLS == LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE == EXTRA== EXTRA BIG CUDDLES From Auntie Marlene == Princess Of D.L.Castle.


Hello nette10, Always Lovely To Hear From You, My Puzzle Sure Fits The All Things Blue. Love & Best Wishes, Marlene.


Hello Unicorn3, ( Wendy ) Always Lovely To Hear From You, & To Hear You Like My Pretty Blue Puzzle. Love & Best Wishes, Marlene.


Fabulous thanks dear Marlene, I love your blue puzzle. They reminded me of the bottoms of square bottles all filled with pretty ribbons! It's a fantastic puzzle my friend. Well done.
We had some lovely rain in the night 18 mm, so the garden is smiling. Miffie doesn't care but Molly is not too pleased. I hope you are well today. I slept well last night and feeling much better today. Lots of love and hugs to you my friend, from your friend Janet xxxxxx

Miffie and Molly send happy purrs and meows, heaps of gentle hugs and loads of furry purry kisses to Auntie Marlene, the Princess. ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥


Oh so very blue Marlene, perfect for blue theme week! ❄


This is a great one for all things blue, so pretty...........Wendy

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