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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017

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One of this Sumatran tiger cub's back legs was so badly mangled by a snare it had to be amputated.
He was trapped for four days before being discovered in a rainforest on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is likely the snare was set by oil-palm plantation workers.
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  1. Hdfat2:08
  2. Tgl2:49
  3. connie52713:24
  4. Rackles3:29
  5. mapletree3:34
  6. noahsark3:48
  7. mluera3:50
  8. hope504:03
  9. porgy4:04
  10. Lindaloo624:05


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I agree Plumpossum, and thanks for the comment.


How much longer can we abuse the planet's ecosystems before they collapse and cease to support our species?


Thanks for the comment Aul. I agree.

That poor tiger is still in pain,ears are back,eyes dilated.....the cage is small...I hope he eats the tx. men the needs...The Sumatra is on the endangered species list. He'll never be able to hunt because of selfish person...I'm so very sorry Mr. Tiger. Tks for this education


Thank you puitepe, Mrgoodboy, FatCatLady, and jossvb for your comments. I too, am extremely disturbed by this senseless mutilation of a wild animal that was just searching around for something to eat and gets snared by probably some oil-palm plantation worker or a poacher trying to make $20.00.


the point is that we can help to stop this just by trying to control the use of palm-oil. which is really not easy, the declarations on packages are not really true or clear. and, this stuff is in really everything, as it seems....its so horrible what is happening there, especially to the innocent ones, like this cub, orang utans, elephants....being trapped, burnt or poisoned. just for more money. so sad

He needs a lot more space than that . I hope he gets some love.


That poor tiger! How can people be so cruel?


That's so cruel. He must have been in so much pain. I hope he can still get around allright on 3 legs, just like a cat. No wonder he looks so angry. I would be too.

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