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The Dot Connection

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600 pieces
421 solves
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  1. ninna3171:14:32
  2. TheTalkingTurtle1:15:09
  3. mamallama1:15:29
  4. Symra1:15:52
  5. caroussel1:18:54
  6. tsarat1:23:38
  7. jzpooh1:23:41
  8. GoldenCat1:25:27
  9. jessparchesky1:28:10
  10. chiaki1:31:08


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Yup, it was a challenge as I recall! Took me over two hours :-))
Thanks, ummie.


Nice challenge, loved it. Thanks bunches.


The "stick-to-it" from your childhood memories is not one we share. We didn't have the MM Club; or TV for that matter all those years ago :-) Simple serendipity for me to make up a word that brought back those memories - I feel happy about that!

As for poker - I can only play Pai Gow which I find entertaining. Grown up "real" poker is not something I've learned so the significance of your "wheel" time was lost on me. No doubt it'll be appreciated by the dinky-di players ☺


Oh sure I will, they're e x t e n d e d fun, as you pointed out. Also, you've reminded me of a word I learned on the Mickey Mouse Club after school in the 1950s. They sang a song about "stick-to-it-ivitness!" I don't remember how the song went, but I remember the word and what it stands for. ☺

For the poker players here on Jigidi, you'll see that my time is a wheel! A "wheel" in hi/low split poker is Ace-two-three-four-five, which is both a perfect low hand and a very good high hand, and it's sure to win 1/2 the pot and a good bet to win both halves.


If there was a medal for "sticking-at-it-ness" I'd pin it on you, Pat! Good onya!
Just think how much more fun you had than those who solved it faster ☺
Do you think you'll go for a third 600 piece one day LOL.


WAHOOO! I did it! 4:23:15 over the course of twelve days, not bad! And it was a lot of fun!


Wow, back at you! You're a brave bloke!

Thanks, Pat ☺


Wow, this is a real beauty. It's going to be my second 600-piece puzzle!


Thanks, Sharon - you're a legend! I wouldn't have thought you'd like this "un-wild" one nearly as much as the "El Weirdos" LOL. Colour me pleased as Punch ☺

Quite a journey!! Really enjoyed this puzzle......probably as much as “mind gone wild” creative pieces. Thanks!


Aha, another dot fan! It was a toughie, for sure,
Creative genius is a mighty big compliment! Thanks, fred ☺


Thanks, notawahoo. You and me both on the time ☺


You're welcome and thank you, fuzzieswife.


This was a toughie, but I always enjoy the dots so it was worth some extra effort!!! Love your creative genius, always something new :-)

Good one, loved it all the way through even though it took me close to two hours!!

Beautiful puzzle, took me awhile but was delightful, thanks for the fun of solving.


Wow, you truly do love your dots taking on this BIG size! It makes my day better knowing you enjoyed the solve.
Staying as safe as we know how. Only leaving home when necessary - like dentist visit which I would rather stay home than go LOL.
Thanks, Jos - you are a treasure ☺


The puzzles I normally solve are 250 to 350 pieces, so I doubted for a moment regarding this 600 pieces challenge. Of course the dots won big time, and the entire puzzle was an abolute joy to solve. Thanks you so much Chrissie and please ... stay safe.


Thanks, Steph - it is a challenge ☺


You're welcome, newdeal - thanks!


LOL... Janet, you do make me laugh. Thanks, mate!
Navigation is not my thing either... unless I can see sunset or sunrise I've no clue which direction I'm facing ☺
You were speedy on this one - I'll be tasting your dust - when I get to finish solving!


wonderful challenge - thanks!

Great puzzle, foxymoron. Lots of fun! Thanks.


Goodness - now I am not only dotty but dis-oriented as well ! (never could tell my right from my left - makes navigating really interesting !) Thanks for a great puzzle. Cheers, Janet :))

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