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This is Fogarty Creek just before it crosses the beach and empties into the ocean. Fogarty Beach is a popular beach located between the little towns of Depoe Bay and Taft on the Oregon coast. The beach is located right next to Highway 101. On the opposite side of the highway is a state recreational area that is sheltered from the wind and has grassy tree shaded picnic areas. Even though the beach is popular by Oregon standards, I have never seen it crowded whatsoever.
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WVHill: Connie, that really surprises me. There are numerous creeks and rivers flowing into the ocean along the whole length of the Oregon coast. God created a very ingenious system, didn't He? Terry


Very interesting and amazing how this creek crosses the beach and then empties into the ocean. Very nice and I'll bet the recreational area across the road is lovely too. Fun puzzle and great photo, Terry. THANK YOU for another one. :-)
@WVHillbillytoo Connie, I agree with you. :-)

Terry, I can't remember if I have ever actually seen a creek or river reach the ocean. If I did, it was probably in one of your photos. The thought of this world being so perfectly ordered is amazing to me. If one can see a photo like this and not be convinced that it didn't happen by accident, but was designed by the hands of God, then I pity them. They have missed the best part of creation. Thanks Terry. connie

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