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Cat TV: Bunny & Mango 2021Mar1-1

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Through the window Mango is watching one of the bunnies that visit our front yard year-round. This one, still wearing winter white, has been eating dry grass and ornamental crabapples.
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My Annie used to watch the wildlife outdoors through the sliding glass door to our deck ... I found her once crouched and chattering at a deer in the backyard... not believing that at 6.2 pounds, there was no way she could take down afull-grown doe. lol! Fun puzzle!

A schedule that works for all!


I am outside at 4 am til 6 am before I go to bed, Conrad is up at 4 am for work, I am on the night shift. Works better for more restful sleeps. Cats are easier to train than one would think. Been well over a year on this schedule and it seems to work. I tend the fire in the winter and water the yard in the summer. Also baking and cooking in the middle of the night is easier, quieter, cooler/warmer seasonal.

What a story of Smudgey!

Our catio is ugly, and the cat pen in the yard is uglier. But all of our cats love the catio and three of them love the cat pen, almost year-round. They're safe and following the city by-law. Unlike our previous cats, that we had let go outside and hoped we and they wouldn't get into trouble, our current four had been confined in our house till my partner built something for them.

Who in your family is the doorkeeper 4 am and 6 am? And how do you get the cats to come back in?


you must be in Calgary, the most pet unfriendly city, I had a friend live there with a husky dog, the stories..yikes.


Conrad had threatened to close in the deck and make a catio, but it would be ugly and make all my cats miserable. So I kiboshed it. We just regulate when and for how long they can be out. We have a schedule. They are out from 4 am to 6am , then 2 pm to 6pm in the afternoon. They seem to have fallen into the routine quite well, save for a few days when at least one will play hard to get.


He seems to have retired from major hunting, he still gets a mouse or two but he is quite happy with his crunchies, comfy bed and catbox.


Smudgey survived a whole horrible winter outside. We didn't realize he was homeless, we just thought he was a naughty kitty crossing the highway, then one day I noticed he was injured so I put out a can of wet food, he scarfed it down. The next morning we woke up and found him sleeping on my computer chair, all moved in. lol

Gosh! Smudgey must be a good hunter. Now that he has wiped out the rabbit population, has he dragged anything else inside?

We live near a large city park that is populated by hares and coyotes and deer and other animals. Some of the hares have moved out of the park to where they're safer. (But a few years ago there was a coyote den in a nearby ravine.) It's illegal to let cats go beyond their own yards here, and the neighbourhood cat that used to visit us has completely disappeared. A couple of months ago one of our cats dragged in a dead vole that apparently tunnelled under the snow and into their catpen in the middle of the backyard. (I found out this spring, to my dismay, that we again had voles in both back and front, after getting rid of them for a few years.)

I bet that Smudgey is happier where he lives than being stuck inside our house and catio and catpen.


Good thing Smudgey wasn't there, there would be a dead rabbit dragged through the cat flap. He wiped out the rabbit population in the area.

sweet souls, both of them
Have a wonderful week Dear Patsy and keep safe and warm. Marie-Jo

Oh boy, I bet he was chattering!!


Mango wants to play with Bunny :) Have a good weekend Patsy!

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21 October 2020 - 31 July 2017
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