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My New Table Ornament

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Murphy was waiting to be fed and stared me down from the end table.
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Hee hee...Just bookmarked your three puzzles of The Murphster...hope you are well and staying safe. 💕❤️💕❤️💕


A handsome, well fed and good mannered ornament of a cat. You are lucky to have him!.


Having lived with cats for many, many years, I would have to say that while the Murphster is looking at you, he seems to be dong so rather patiently. He knows his breakfast is coming; he is just patiently taking a pose and silently standing by--lest you forget. Lovely --and well-cared for kitty. ;-))


so adorable mwah ♥♥♥


Hello Murphy, always great to see you. Do you say that you are starving and fading away. Our cats do, especially Shadow who is a fine big lad.
Thanks Laura, with hugs. ♥


No, ladywil, it's just how he was standing.


Does he have a little white heart on his belly??


Oh how funny that would be! But the Murphster would have nothing to do with it, I'm sure!


Could you turn this into a lamp? lol Thanks, Laura.


Possum, my thoughts, exactly!
Scottlal, thank you!
Suzy, he stares me down with his stoic, laser eyes!
Atsutsa, aww...I bet he was beautiful!
Artola, you got it!
Jals, last time he was weighted he was 15 pounds.
Shirley, he appears to be patient, but under his breath he is whispering, "I am going to kill you in your sleep if you don't feed me now...."
Jandchris, It wasn't initially expensive, but I seem to be paying out quite a bit for its weekly upkeep.
Patti, great company...unless you really want to be alone but he wants to be petted.
Lorna, no didn't rush to feed him. He had to wait till it was breakfast time.
Work247mule, I was thinking of getting a nice lamp shade for him.
Smllpkg, he had to wait till breakfast time!
Pat, indeed you do! Lol!


They are definitely very good at that....😃


I have one of those too .. They are very pretty


Stare down is right! I'm sure he won as you got up to feed him.


Nice lamp, when you pull his tail, the eyes light up?! :-)


That is quite the look Laura! I hope you rushed to feed him immediately after taking his photo? ☺


Love it! They're such good company, aren't they?! Thanks Laura!

Oh ha ha!!! What a beautiful ornament - was it expensive? :-))


Oh yes, it's all in those eyes, but he is being patience, Thanks, Laura


He is kind of threatening with that stare. lol What does he weigh? So pretty.


Murphy is a master of The Staredown! :o))


Aw, he looks so much like my Atsutsa who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago. Atsutsa was black and white with medium length hair.


He looks quite stoic sitting there, LJ. Murph, once again, looking fine. :))


Beautiful cat.


He's got your number, and you'd be well advised to comply with his demands. tsk...

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