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This image was taken when I was about 10 years old (a very long time ago). The ixias in our front garden had naturalised and in spring they filled this very long garden bed with their flowering bounty, along with some sparaxias.
Woodowl: I found this photo the other day and thought you would be interested. These ixia paniculatas were a pale creamish colour, not the blue ones I have previously mentioned.
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How precious, thanks for sharing @cazneaux, we all love vintage
family photos.


Lovely picture and memory Cazneaux. Your mom was right about the hat. We weren't allowed to swim or play outside from 11am to 3pm to stop us burning. Having been badly sunburned a time or two and had sun stroke the once I would rather be careful than otherwise! Jayne


Hi purpley, thank you for your lovely comments. My hair was deep auburn, with sadly very pale skin to match - not a good thing in Australia! The dress was brown and cream plaid, brown sandals. The hat - a dreaded accessory because of my fair skin, but I am thankful to my mother for being aware of how badly I could get sunburn.


What a beautiful little girl!! The dress, the shoes, the hat... so fascinating. What a great picture - thanks for posting it.

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