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☺ᗘ📷 Statue 📷ᗛ☺

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The statue of Bishop Grgur Ninski is located at the Golden Gate of Diocletian's Palace in the Croatian port of Split. The statue is 8.5 m high and its author is the Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović.
I must say that as you walk through the ancient Diocletian's Palace, you walk through the Golden Gate and suddenly ... unprepared ... you see this statue, the impression is absolutely stunning.
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Jill, I know that feeling too, it's always such a small euphoria when I see the place I've been to. I'm glad I was able to bring you that feeling ♥:))


You did indeed Deanna, I always get a bit excited when I see a puzzle and think “I’ve been there” 😊❤️


Jill, thank you, it's a really impressive statue. Perhaps I reminded you of your holiday in Croatia ♥:))


Very commanding statue. Great photo and info also Deanna. Thank you


Jerry, thank you, I'm glad I brought you an authentic experience. According to the bell tower, you can see how big the statue is ♥:))


@Deanna A wonderful angle. I sense that I am standing just below it. TFS


Dear Dasa, thank you for coming to see this amazing statue. I know these aren't very attractive puzzles, but sometimes I think it's good to change the subject and show something new. I'm so glad you appreciated it. You're right, with age our memory serves worse, but it's not necessary to remember. When we later see a picture of the statue, we usually remember that we saw it somewhere. The impression of that statue right in Split is amazing, when I saw it for the first time, it took my breath away, it is very suggestive. I'm glad I could share it with you. The wind and rain started about an hour ago and should only be during the night, maybe tomorrow will be calm. I hope you have better weather and I wish you a good and peaceful night ♥:))

Dear Deanna, not only the statue is stunning, but this whole trip. Thank you for the extensive information about Bishop Ninsky. You have been learning something all your life, but unfortunately it is becoming more and more difficult to keep so much information. It's not going to get any better. Nevertheless, I always like to learn something new. I wish you a beautiful rest of the evening and that the wind does not blow like you. I'm looking forward to next time. ♥♥♥

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