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Yes, having two in diapers and still "babies" as opposed to "children" is mind-boggling--literally! LOL!


My first two were 27 months apart, the next two were 18 months apart and the last two werre 3 1/2 years husband always said that I lost a little gray matter every time I had another one---now that they're all grown, I don't really notice any big difference in their relationships, except as governed by their own individual personalities----From a woman's point of view, I found the three year rule seemed to be the best for me---the 18 month thingee nearly killed me....


When I was having my kids, the experts said that 3 years was the best age gap for siblings--the older one was usually potty-trained and gaining independence, not needing to be babied as much, yet he hadn't been an only child for so long that a new baby was a terrible blow to his world order. Plus they were far enough apart that the older one could feel superior and proud of his accomplishments, instead of just jealous of the attention given to the newcomer, and feel good about teaching "his" baby new things--yet close enough in age so they could be good buddies later. It sounds right--not that I found out from my own experience, of course! My first 2 were 22 months apart, and my third came along 5 years after the second!


The older one is doing well for a three year-old--he's very gentle most of the time.....My son (the dad to these two) took the pictures---he has quite a good eye for composition (inherited from his dad, certainly not from me...)--thanks for the nice comments!


That is so sweet, Norma! I'm sure they'll grow up to be the best of friends--and that's a special, special bond!


Difficult times for big brothers when the littles ones arrive but it seems that he is doing very well looking and caring for his brother. Whoever took the photo managed to capture a beautiful moment. :))
Thanks for showing me your little treasures. :))


Thanks for your comment---and your great time!!


first place baby!!!

also, god bless your new child an family wishbone

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