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Freya - Keeping an eye on me!

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What a beauty! ~ TFS, catslave! 'Wishing you, and yours, a very HEALTHY New Year! xxoo


It's good to see you too Kayell! I am taking it easy - it's the season for it!


Glad to see you're keeping an eye on your Mum, lovely Freya (I think one of them is ~slightly~ open...).

Very, very good to see you back again too, catslave. We've missed you - but don't overdo it...


Ah, I didn't realise Miss White Fluffyduck's had an ulterior motive, tisketsmum! It all makes!! ☺

Thank you niccolino59!

Thanks diannda - she's just as demanding as a goddess too!! ☺☻☺

she is as beautiful as the Norse Goddess she is named after. Thank you for sharing


I can see you there with one eye open, Freya! You're so beautiful.


Hi Princess Freya (aka Miss White Fluffyducks ☺), it's wonderful to have you back on Jigidi but don't let your mum overdo it. Sitting on her to make sure she stays still seems a very intelligent plan ☺☺☺


Soo, I'm trying to keep all cardigans out of paws reach! She's discovered the joys of being a lap cat, however, it's just as well I can't move around much. She gets distinctly put out when I do move! ☺☻☺

*waves* Hi canoekaw, it is nice to be back with all you very lovely people. ♥♥♥

Miss white fluffyducks!! ☺☻☺☻☺ Love it, Pammi!!!


Hello gorgeous beautiful little miss white fluffyducks. How lovely to see you again ........ and I see you still like your creature comforts. Good girl! You be very kind to your mum and tell her to take it easy and be kind to herself. ♥☺♥


Just peeking out to see what you are up to. Nice to see you again.


Hello Miss Gorgeous Freya or should I say your Royal Fuffiness. I haven't seen you for a while so I must ask .... how many of your mum's cardigans have you been sleeping on recently? ♥

Good to have you back catslave but don't over do it ♥


Hi Carol66, give Payton a chin rub from me please? How is the handsome boy - on Santa's nice list? ☺♥☺


Hello, beautiful Freya! Have not "puzzled" you in awhile. Happy to see you as beautiful as
ever! Love, Carol66 and Payton!

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