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Glorious December (Dec19P03)

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"A Wintry Night

The sky is dark and the
ground is white.
The world is peaceful on
this wintry night.

No one around, not a
sound to be heard.
Not a laugh, not a car,
not even a bird.

For a moment, it's just
the snow and me.
I smile inside.
I feel so free."

- Lyndsey Kuster

I would like to wish everyone who celebrates their birthday in December have a Very Happy Birthday
with lovely memories and lots of joyful moments.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 9, 100, 256 and 400 pieces.

I hope that you all will have an enjoyable time piecing this puzzle together.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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Sorry about the show being cancelled. Life is so different now and will probably never be the same. We're doing fine here and adjusting as necessary, as I know you are. Best wishes for you and for John.


Dear Robin,

The show that has been scheduled for the end of this year has been cancelled.
Even though, I love to dance, I think for the safety and wellness of all concerned, it is better this way.

Anyway, there is always next year, if not, the year after next, etc.

I am fine with that as this means that I will have more chances to practise and will have more time to stretch and limber up my arms and legs. As it is, I am now able to perform certain movements that I was not able to do in the past.

Please continue to keep safe and well and always wear your mask as it will be one of the ways of keeping you safe.



Hello RJay,

Thank you for solving yet another one of my puzzles :-)

I am happy that you find this one to be festive and fun :-)

I do hope to see and to hear from you again.

Best regards,


Will they be able to do the show this year? They still discourage crowds here.


Another festive and fun puzzle, thanks Jason!


Thank you, Dize :-)

It is wonderful to see you :-)




I am honoured by you following me, Jayne.

My artworks are simple ones as my computer knowledge is very basic.

I am happy that we will be meeting once a month (on the 1st of every month) at my puzzle page and I will be seeing you regularly at your puzzle page.



I now am following you! :-) I'm very curious about your work.


You are welcome, Jayne :-)

Thank you for the compliment.

I am touched by your appreciation of this puzzle :-)

Have a Joyous Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

Best regards,


What a neat puzzle, jason! Such talent! Thank you! . . . and happy holiday to you and yours :-))


Thank you, Robin for your Seasonal wishes for John and me. Both of us would like to wish you and all your loved ones a Joyous Christmas and a Blessed 2020 :-)

For me the last performance was not stressful as probably I have already gone through a number of them and I was also well prepared for the music piece.

We have to attend rehearsals and a full dress rehearsal so that we know when our item will be presented on stage, when to line up (outside the concert hall) and wait (at the backstage) for our turn to be called onto the stage. How to ensure that we stand in a straight line and to take the cue to bow, to start playing, etc, etc, etc.

For the final curtain call, all the performers must know when to will appear (either one by one or group by group), take their final bow, go to their designated place on the stage and how to leave the stage orderly.

I think that for the last performance, the folks who are the most stressed are the organisers.

I have just practised my music piece for next year - trying to memorise half a page of it :-0


I'm glad Clive asked, and I appreciate your description. It's very interesting to know what you go through backstage preparing for a show. It's a complicated, stressful business, for sure. I admire your patience and discipline in making it a success. I'd like to add my wishes for a merry Christmas and a very happy and sucessful new year for you and John. :)


Clive, no worries, as long as the comments are positive ones - kind, caring, etc, etc.

Thank you for your good wishes for John and for me. Both of us would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Great 2020 :-)

The dance instructor is very strict. We must do the moves correctly. She will pick out all our errors and insist that we learn and execute them properly.

Yes, Clive, we will have to wear make-up and Chinese costumes for the dance item. I am fine with the costumes, but I do not like to wear make-up. However, make-up is necessary on stage as the lighting is very strong and the audience who are sitting at the back must be able to see our facial and eye expressions.

Even for our music performance, we have to wear make-up. We were told that we (guys and gals) must wear full make-up otherwise we will look very pale on stage.

All the ladies were having all sorts of nice stuff on their faces, eyes and lips. Then, it came to my turn. I told them not to put any make-up on my eyes. So, they powdered my face, draw my eyebrows and put on lipstick for me. Ugh ... lipstick? Must I have it, too? No red lipstick for me, please - if lipstick is compulsory, then I prefer a natural colour lipstick. even though the make-up artist was not too pleased with my preference. The next guy had an easier time with the make-up artist as she had already been mentally prepared by me - so no eye make-up and red lipstick for him, too.


Hi Bev,

My music performance was in November 2019. I am happy that the audience has enjoyed it as I had only 3 months to prepare for it. I am glad that it was over. Whew!

Now to start preparing for the musical piece for next year's performance. The music has already been selected so all that I need to do now is to memorise all the 7 pages of the music score - all the notes, beats, dynamics, various required expressions, hand and body movements, etc, etc, etc.

As for the dance item - we are still learning and practising the basic moves and doing all the required exercises to stretch our muscles and open up our joints. The choreographic movements are still in the process of creation. We have to master facial and eye expressions.


Jason and John may I wish you a wounderfull Christmas and a wounderfull new year especially for John and may I thank you again for using your site to express other events to other jigider's.
Just to say I do know how difficult it is to dance for you and you must remember to stop and the proceed to the next move yes I understand what moves you will require but that is easy when you are young so please enjoy yourself and forget if the moves do not come out right practise makes perfect.
I so wish you well for the New year and your dance routine.
Will you dress and use make up ? like the old dancers?

Hi Jason,
I did not scroll down to far. Did I miss the date for next year 2020 performance?
We are a little chilly here today, but no snow. :)) Take care and regards to John. 12-19-19


Thank you, Judy for your confidence in my musical and dance presentation for 2020.

I will play my musical instrument, then after the interval, I will dance.


I also would love to be able to attend your concert, hear you play and watch you dance! Good luck for your performance. I know you have practiced endlessly and will do wonderfully!

Your friend,


You are welcome, Cathy.

I am glad that you like this puzzle :-)

Best regards,


I hope that your Christmas will be wonderful, Clive :-)

Yes, I have a year to practise my dance item for next year's stage performance. The choreography keeps on changing as we want to improve the aesthetics of the movement, form, sequence, etc. So the whole dance is evolving until we are happy with the results.

So, this week we may learn to move our arms in a certain way and next week we may find that a certain style may be more suitable and then we will have to remember this new movement instead of the previous one.

However, we are confident that before the end of next year, we will be able to put up a presentable dance item.

Meanwhile, what is important are the basic floor and barre exercises.



Thank you, Bunny for your Holiday wishes for John and me :-)

Happy Birthday to your Mum in Heaven and Happy Birthday to your husband :-)

Yes, I am happy that my musical performance went on smoothly.

I like large puzzles as they are meditative for me. (For birthday puzzles, I prefer small size ones).

John and I wish you and your family a Joyous Christmas and a Wonderful 2020 :-)

Best regards,


❄️ ☕️ ❄️Thank you, Jason for this wonderul puzzle ❄️ ☕️ ❄️

@CJ45 Hello Clive, nice to meet you. It just feels right to follow these lifetime traditions of the family for holidays. My best to you and yours for a Merry Christmas, Bunny

@CJ45 My Mother's birthday was on the 15th of Dec. and we never put up decorations or a tree till after her birthday. EVER and still don't even thought she is no longer here with us. I know she is watching from above and still honor that tradition. Happy Birthday to all of you including my husband, who have birthdays in December. Thank you Jason for all your puzzles and I am very happy for you that your performance went well. Happy Holidays to you and John and may you both have a happier and healthier New Year. Thank you for encouraging me to do the larger puzzles as I now find I like them the best of all. Hugs and best wishes, Bunny


Thank you, Robin :-)

I do hope that the year end concert for 2020 will be a success, too, afterall it is for the audience's enjoyment.

Grace is an asset for a dancer. I am striving for that and will endeavour to make my movements smooth and flowing.

I hope that John will be able to attend my 2020 concert. I will buy a ticket for him.

Stay well and safe, Robin.


By the way, congratulations on a successful concert and I know the upcoming performance will go just as well. I would really love to hear you play and watch your dance. I'm sure you are very graceful. I hope John can come. Be well.


Dear Robin,

I am delighted that this puzzle pleases you :-) Thank you for the compliment :-)

Happy Birthday to your friend, Elizabeth. May she have a great time on her special day and be blessed with good health and lots of happiness and laughter :-)

Best regards.


This really is a nice birthday/Christmas puzzle. My friend Elizabeth has a birthday on the 15th. I wish her and all our jigidi friends and their family members with December birthdays lots of joy on their special day. This is a wonderful tribute. Thanks. :)


Dear Rita,

Thank you for piecing this puzzle together.

I am happy to be your Jigidi friend, too :-)

I would like to wish you a Very Happy Birthday and may all your days be filled with Love, Joy and Peace as well as Good Health :-)))

All the musicians were pleased that the concert had gone on smoothly and that the audience had enjoyed it. Everyone involved was happy that all the tickets had been sold. Whew ...

Yesterday, I have already started training for my dance performance for next year. Next week, I will start practising for my music performance which will be held on the same day - towards the end of 2020.

Love and Hugs,

Thanks Bevpuzzlr. Mine is from The days of Aretha Franklin when I played "Respect" on the record player over and over in the dorms. Rhiannon is a beautiful name!

I am wishing you a very happy birthday and many more.
I have a granddaughter and her name is Rhiannon and we call her Rhi Rhi. :)) 12-3-19

Jason, the Christmas season has officially started now that I have completed the December puzzle!
My birthday is this month so thank you for good wishes.
Wish we could see a recording of your concert. It must have been wonderful. You have so many talents and I'm so happy to be your Jigidi friend!
Love, Rita


Bev, my Snow Queen, you have a wonderful soul :-))

You are a sweetheart.. :))


Hi Bev,

Welcome to this December puzzle :-) I know that you will always visit for you are aware that I create and post puzzles on the 1st of every month.

Your brother will appreciate your loving memories of him.

Thank you for the compliment on this puzzle :-) So glad that you like the Christmas trees :-)

A Very Happy 19th Birthday to your grand daughter :-) May all her wishes come true. A birthday on Christmas Eve is so special :-)

Wow, first the yummy food and then the joy of opening Christmas and Birthday presents. That sounds so fun. A happy event :-)

Thank you for your good wishes for John and me :-)

I wish you and your family a Joyous Christmas and a Great New Year that is filled with Happiness, Love and Good Health.

Take good care of yourself, Bev. And stay well, warm and safe.

Best regards,


Dear Nana,

Thank you for appreciating this puzzle and its poem :-)

Thank you, too, for joining us in an early December festive celebration and for your birthday wishes for December's sweet babies and good wishes for everyone :-)

Yes, we do need one year to get ready for our dance performance next year as I am starting from the very basics. Must follow the beat and remember the whole sequence of dance steps. It will be a dance drama, so we do need to have the appropriate facial and eyes expressions along with expressing with our hands, arms and our body movements.

Once the music is on, there is no room for any mistakes as we need to co-ordinate and synchronise with the rest of the dancers.

It will be challenging. However, I endeavour to enjoy the whole journey.

Have a Joyous Christmas and a Very Happy New Year with blessings of good health and a joyful life :-)

Best regards,


You are most welcome, Iris.

The concert went on well. The audience was appreciative.

My hands were steady, my heart beated regularly and I did not have butterflies in my stomach.

It is wonderful to know that you have enjoyed this puzzle and the poem :-)

Have a Joyous Christmas and a Wonderful New Year :-)

Best regards,

Hi Jason,
I am so late today. Had a few errands to run and I bought a wreath to decorate my brother's grave. We stopped for lunch and I checked my emails and said, Oh, It is Dec. first, gotta find Jason.
It is a beautiful puzzle. Your art is so pretty, I love the trees. My granddaughter will be nineteen yrs young Christmas Eve. We celebrate her birthday first in the kitchen and the gift exchange around the tree. Thank you so much for this and God Bless you and John. Merry Christmas and ring in the
New Year with Peace, Joy, and much good health. With love in friendship Hugs. Beverly 12-01-19


Lovely puzzle and poem Jason*!* I did a larger version this time. It is nice to have a whole year to practice and feel confident in your dance :))

MomCat I'm wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more good memories throughout the month!! We are so fortunate to have all our jigidi friends!!

I wish everyone health and prosperity for the New Year


Your concert sounds delightful Jason. Thank you for sharing this meaningful poem and creating a heartfelt winter wonderland for us. December smiles!☺


MomCat, thank you for being so poetic and for your love for my puzzles :-))

I would like to wish you a Very Happy Birthday and may you have lots of lovely memories on your birthday and always :-)

I have just finished my concert for this year. It was a success. All tickets have been sold out.

The audience applauded us generously. We, musicians, applauded and cheered the backstage crew when they came out at the curtain call. We made sure that they know how much we appreciated their hard work at making sure that everything was perfect.

Now, after one week break, I will be preparing for next year's concert. This time, I will play a musical instrument as well as dance on stage - 2 separate items.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year :-)

Best regards,


Judy, I am glad that you find the time to complete this puzzle amidst your busy schedule :-) I appreciate that :-)

Thank you for the compliment.

I like the way that you describe this puzzle :-))

Have a Great December :-)

Best regards,


You are welcome, Ennis :-)


Dear Clive.

Thank you for solving this puzzle. I am glad to hear that it was fun for you when you solve this one. I know that you did the 12 pieces of this puzzle, too.

Happy Birthday to your youngest son :-) May he be blessed abundantly :-)

I have already decorated the 2 Christmas trees in this puzzle to celebrate his 50th birthday and Christmas :-0

I wish you a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year with lots of blessings :-)



Thank you for your Birthday wishes jason & John my youngest son son celebrities his Birthday this month and we have never put up decorations till after his Birthday but that is just us and we still do not do it and he is 50 years old this Birthday. LOL!!!


I always love your puzzles. December is one of my favorite months! The weather, my birthday, and the spread of good cheer. Hope you're blessing everyone with another one of your concerts this year! (Hey! That was a poem!)



I have been bookmarking your puzzles and then they get buried in my bookmarks so today I decided to just do it right away. You did a great job with this.
You made it look like hills and snow along with the Christmas tree. Great job!




Ha,Ha, now that ws fun jason.......10:00.


You are most welcome, Cesaponara :-)

I am happy to hear that you had fun solving this puzzle
and that you find it to be a lovely one :-))

I wish you a Happy December :-)

Best regards,

Thanks for the lovely puzzle. It was fun to solve.

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