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New neighbors!

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We found these little guys out in the yard today. Mom has been hanging real close, but we didn't' realize why. Now we know!
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  2. jayhawk9:48
  3. Sasenka11:26
  4. Judyly13:54
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  6. QueenCathy15:11
  7. littlecanary15:44
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Hi, yes, we are in the high desert in northern Arizona. If you ever saw the "Mad Max" movies, our landscape is pretty much like that! Dry, dusty, and right now around 100 degrees in the daytime. We get high, dusty springtime winds that have shut down I-40, some below zero nights in the winter. Other times the weather is really ok, but not much rain. We also have feral cats (the city neuters them, typically, then brings them back...) and coyotes and the occasional hawk. We know there are rattlesnakes, but haven't seen any - more regularly the 6-8 ft. gopher snakes. Interesting!

We also enjoy a lot of wild birds, especially dove and quail. We feed the ravens our table scraps, but now the mockingbirds are moving through and they drive off the poor ravens. All-in-all, fairly brutal survival-wise for most of these creatures!

All that said, it seems the mama moved the babies, we tried to stay back but they don't seem to be in the little dirt indentation any more.


Your mention of brutal elements makes me wonder where are you located. The picture looks pretty dry--are you in the desert? We are in the Chicago area. In our case, the nest was in our garden! I was picking up a pile of straw to mulch some tomato plants and saw something moving. I thought it was a mouse, and then realized it was several newborn bunnies whose eyes weren't open yet. So I put the mulch back and made sure I hadn't accidentally moved any of them to the tomatoes! Another interesting thing--it is a surprisingly short time before they are off on their own. Can't find the developmental website we used last year, but I think it was about 5 weeks.


It's amazing that they have survived this long, we have some pretty brutal elements for them to make it through. Interesting, little canary, that they call the nest a "flufffle!" You learn something every day, they say - thank you!


Adorable! We had a nest--which I found out was called a "fluffle"--in our garden last year. They are so cute!

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