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☼ꎺ╱ ╲ꎺ웃 On the way 웃ꎺ╱ ╲ꎺ☼

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The sun is behind its zenith and mists are already beginning to settle in the valleys
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  1. perleblanche0:22
  2. Palapeli20180:22
  3. Robbos0:26
  4. JillianB0:27
  5. wshealy0:32
  6. Ianto0:34
  7. hags310:34
  8. pumpkinhead0:35
  9. redina10:38
  10. jen70:39


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Yes, yes, we must speed up our steps, the sun is faster than us. The road like a silver ribbon leads us ... and there is no mud !! ♥:))


Time to head home. :)


Jill, you did it very well, warm clothes are necessary in these fall days. Especially in the late afternoon, the cold comes from the hills. I have hot tea with me, maybe it will warmed you up ♥:))


Prairiewind, thank you for your kind visit. How I would like to fulfill your wishes, unfortunately it is only possible virtually. I hope you enjoyed this silver road with me ♥:))


Such a peaceful and beautiful scene, so enjoying our walk, glad I brought my jacket with me.


I want to be on that road. Lovely.

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