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He just wouldn't move

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  1. nfourni0:06
  2. lyndee0:06
  3. stephen0:07
  4. CelesteH0:07
  5. papa12240:07
  6. greeneyedlady0:07
  7. wimaweigh0:08
  8. kking0:08
  9. pkin380:08
  10. sammysmom0:08


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Patti I had to stop. That's when I decided to take a picture, and then finally he flew on a fence. He must have been hungry.


Not even to get to the other side???


Annjax I started to but then I thought about it and said no. You are right they are natures cleaner-uppers. Thanks for stopping in.


Great photo, Pat. But maybe you should have left the carrion in---it's part of the way things are & should be. After all, they are Natures cleaner-uppers. Just imagine what it would be like if they didn't do their job---or if WE had to dispose of everything. YYUKKK!! :-) Thanks girl..............


Oh no .....!!!


You are so wrong ...................


Good, my work is done!


You did still laughing. Probably think of this all day.


I have tu give you your Morning laugh, Pat!!


I would have showed them for all the men but unfortunately the women would see them too. Only you Morris.....


Come on show us the guts!


Maybe that's what it was. He sure didn't want to move.


He must of had to much possum, to heavy to take off. Thanks Pat.


Thanks Ank and Jacques, Love the comments


What is the problem with these chickens, they are all looking for chickie mama


A beautiful picture Patty, glad you did cut the food out. But I love the photo of the road and the birds.

Good morning big Sister. Last day of the working week.
Is it still wet cold and grey?, just like here.
Let the sun shine in your heart and have a nice day. Hugs


Celeste and Ardy they are buzzards. It was a dead possum they were eating.
I just cut that part out didn't think you wanted to see it. Thanks for stopping by


Don't they know Thanksgiving is on its way? They should make themselves scarce. LOL


Them wild turkeys? they are mean!!! lol


Lyndee I wouldn't do that to you or anyone.
Francine I know first time for a while but still cold. Hopefully warm a little tomorrow.


Green grass and no snow! Blue sky. Doesn't look like pre-winter.


Thanks for not letting us see their lunch pkin. I guess that's why it didn't want to leave.


There is two of them. One is on the mailbox. They were having lunch. Didn't think you would want to see that.

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