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1965 :-)

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  1. Robbos0:17
  2. greet490:20
  3. leslieg0:21
  4. racoonstar0:22
  5. patten0:25
  6. Ianto0:25
  7. Zos10:25
  8. gerdje170:25
  9. tmmgarf0:27
  10. KristinOlsen0:27


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Hugs Janet and thanks so much :-)))

:-)))) PW you are always helping especially with a laugh

Thanks Willy. It must have been special when the first telephone rang :-))) Hugs

:-))) Bekka

Tak Vips :-)))

Tak Hanne :-)))) I 1952 var jeg endnu ikke opfundet

That's why they need back pockets PW. I don't have back pockets in all my pants :-)))

Thank you so much Howard :-)))


Thanks for a laugh Sissel, with hugs. ♥♥


We are here to help one another, Bekka.


I was also kind of afraid of that black thing we had in the hallway. It rang and I left.


PDub -- thanks for the medical update! I'm calling my doctor right away :-)))))




It WAS a wonder then - it was way back in 1952! Oh I was afraid of it - 10 years old ... all this modern stuff.... thanks Sissel! :-)))))


Who would have thought this would happen. October was Pastor Appreciation month, so I took our pastor to a local restaurant for lunch. He remarked that you can tell the older waitresses from the young ones without looking at their faces. All of the young ones had a smartphone in their back pocket.


Random Thought:

I read this morning that they now have a pill that's half aspirin and half glue - for people who have a splitting headache.


Brilliant! I love it. Thanks for a good laugh.


This really made me laugh :-))


Good morning Rob. We had telephone 1962 because of my moms job :-)))


Hee hee hee!!
If we'd only known then, what we know now...

Good morning, Sissel; this cracked me up!

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