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  1. Kitty1234:40
  2. TINKY5:46
  3. DinoB6:09
  4. DeeZ8:08
  5. tashagirl8:32
  6. glb85939:19
  7. jewmuma10:37
  8. ybernard12:03
  9. Junie1318:47


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Hi Junie13 , I have a few puzzles on but am still in process of scanning my artwork , More should be on soon . TY

I love this puzzle. How do I get a new one

Ty for the welcome , I'm just beginning to grasp drawing face's , All my artwork is scanned , sure take's up less room on computer . lol

Welcome to the jigidi neighborhood TINKY, Thanks for posting the
artwork. I have a drawing made years ago, of a baby that looks
quite similar to this one. Drawing little ones is not an easy thing to
do, as they get older, for some reason, they are not so hard. Did you
scan this sketch or are you so adept that you can draw on the computer?
Would appreciate hearing from you, and again, welcome!

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