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Christmas cactus

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  1. Malta1:19
  2. Dclo1:31
  3. Pekaji2:00
  4. bunzy2:09
  5. eliskaruza2:16
  6. Impie2:17
  7. maziz2:18
  8. Patbrown2:34
  9. 4wings52:49
  10. otto19452:50


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Thanks for the link Kayell, very interesting indeed. Yep, perhaps I need to broaden my search area. My knowledge of plants would fit on the back of a postage stamp with space left over to write my autobiography. ♥♥♥


Ah - well now - what you may need is what we call an Easter Cactus!

They're very similar though the flowers are a different shape - lots of colours too. I may well go and look for one for myself - happy hunting!


Hi Kayell, update re cactus. I went to the nursery yesterday and asked if they had Zygo Cactus for sale and was informed that they are actually a Winter plant so I guess that's that until some time next year. At least now I know why yours and Impie's come into their own in your Wintertime. I guess the ones I had in Perth must only have flowered in the colder weather but I really can't remember now. ☺☺☺


Well - it's amazed me. It's in quite a small pot (about 12cm) and has been thoroughly neglected - maybe that's the secret... I will offer it a bit of TLC when it stops flowering, though. I think it's earned that!


Such a lovely colour,Kayell. Between you and Impie with your gorgeous cacti, I have made up my mind that I must get some Zygo cactus (which is what they are called here) very, very soon. I used to grow them in Perth and absolutely loved them. ♥♥♥


Beautiful cactus ~ thank you ~


Beautiful, Kayell.....and what special colour flowers....loving it!

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