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Two Poodles Who Have Shared My Life!

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Ank - what lineage Micky must have! That is quite the name! She sounds like she is not a showoff about her family line, though! You have told us what a great dog she is. Thanks for telling us more. We do love our dogs, don't we!


What wonderful stories from all of you. We who have pets in our lives, especially rescue ones, are blessed. Rescues seem to know they've been given a new lease on life. Thanks for sharing them.


Jan and Faye you can be sure we will celebrate it. And she will have a small part of my cake too.
We have the Royal Poodle thats the big size, just Poodle for size some smaller, Miniature poodle for the small poodles and Toy Poodle for the very small. Micky is a Toy. Micky's name is (don't laugh) Royal Micky of Castleyard. For people who knows about Poodles, she is a daughter of Roulette.


Thank you, Healer. As you can tell, I like the critters!


JiggyBelle,I enjoyed your puppies, thanks so much for sharing them with us.
They are beautiful, they all are beautiful!


Ank - have another celebration on Sunday, then. Will there be cake for Micky - or dog biscuits and a new toy? :D
I love the name Royal Poodle!


Yes, please call me Faye. You are so lucky to have Micky and a celebration is definitely in order on Sunday! Hugs and kisses all 'round.


Love them, We call them Koningspoedel, Royal Poodle. So you love intelligent dogs, Maggie Jake Tanya. As I read this you had a great time with them and you still yhink of them. I understand, I will never forget my other dogs too. Once a dog lover, always a dog lover.
Faye (can I call you Faye?) love your story. I had the same with Micky, my toypoodle. We arrived at the beach, Oh what a big sandbox. Then she
ran to the waves and snapped in it, that face, it was so great, I never saw her looking like that again. It was also the last time she went in the sea. She loves water, lakes, ditches, but the sea... oh no. Micky is 10 years, 2 months now, and Sunday we have her 10 years. We will celebrate that.


Yes, Ardy - a dog is always a good thing to have in your life. But, sadly, the week is ending, so I will only post one or 2 more.


Faye - what a precious story. Watching those faces when they first bite the water and realize it is different are priceless memories. Thank you for sharing your "Coffee stories."


I've never had dogs, just cats. I'd kind of like to have a dog now but I know I could not care for it properly so I'll enjoy the Maggies and Cassies and Freddys and Mickys and Frazier (who lives nearby) and other dogs who come into my life Jan, Thanks for sharing your dog children this week and you.


Coffee came into our lives from the SPCA at one year of age. She was obsessive about the water. Loved running up and down the shoreline barking and snapping at speed boat waves at the lake. One September we went to Long Beach where she did the same thing...only this time the waves didn't stop. It was such a treat watching her in nirvana...and reeeeeally funny to read the expression on her face when she snapped at her first salty wave! We loved her so much.


Thanks, Chickie - we sure were!


And poodles are very intelligent dogs also! You and they were very lucky to have that time together.


I agree completely, Graciela.
I'm glad they had a dog theme this week, or I wouldn't have hauled out this photos. But, I have been enjoying the memories they bring.


Beautiful JB, we are so lucky to have pets to share our lives. Thanks for posting them.


That is Jake on top! His first owner died and Jake needed a home. He was a delight for the 7 years he shared my life. He even slept under my desk at work. He is the only dog I've known who hated the beach!

Tanya was a VERY large dog, close to 90 pounds. She was a breeder's dog who wanted to "get rid of her." I was lucky to live with her for 9 years. She loved to hike, go to the beach and we went everywhere together.

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