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Thomas Albert Wilson, was an American cartoonist. Wilson was the creator of the comic strip Ziggy, which he drew from 1971 to 1987. The strip was then continued by his son, Tom Wilson Jr.

After growing up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Wilson served in the U.S. Army from 1953 to 1955. He attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, graduating in 1955. He was a Cooper Union art instructor from 1961 to 1962.

Wilson's career began in 1950, doing advertisement layouts for Uniontown Newspapers, Inc. In 1955, he joined American Greetings (AG) as a designer, becoming Creative Director in 1957 and vice-president of creative development in 1978. While at AG, he developed the Soft Touch greeting card line. He also served as president of Those Characters From Cleveland, AG's character licensing subsidiary.
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  5. Jaz93660:58
  6. Jaciemom1:00
  7. jaro551:01
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  9. jbprols1:06
  10. Tooey1:13


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Too cute B! 🐟🐟🐟


It's too bad they had to break the branches off. Maybe once they mature they will produce more fruit out of the reach of the deer.
We had a peach tree and an apricot tree way back in the 60's. My father took a branch off of the apricot tree and grafted it onto the peach tree. So, we had peaches and apricots on the same tree. I never figured out just why he did that, since both trees were healthy. Maybe, he just did it to see if it would survive the graft?


They were Red Haven Peaches - Freestone and SO GOOD! I was going to make some peach jam. Too late now.


Oh No...those deer know where the goodies are now, PW! I bet those peaches are fabulous. Did you make peach pies? I sure hope you are feeling better and over Covid...Bernadette


I planted two peach trees last summer. The smaller tree had 6 large peaches on it when I planted it. The larger one had none last summer. This year the smaller tree had NO peaches and the larger one had 22 nice-sized peaches on it. I started picking the peaches as they would ripen. Went out to pick some more last week and discovered the peaches were all gone and two of the branches were broken. Deer had cleaned them out.



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