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  1. ItsK80:49
  2. JM_Cookie0:50
  3. libiohac0:59
  4. jan42ful1:04
  5. baderinwa1:09
  6. janet4231:10
  7. eksmith1:22
  8. Dunsel1:28
  9. cannylady1011:31
  10. plmfuller1:51


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Hello Dear Janet. I Thought I'd Be Fair. I Don't Watch The Footie Either, Only I Like To Know Who Wins, It Was Fun Making The Puzzle, Half Fits The Blue Theme. It's Good To Have A Tidy Up Once In A While, Some One Will Want Them. It Will Be Lovely To Catch Up With Carolyn, It Has Been A While Since You Two Have Been Together, How Is She Keeping Now? Yes Nev Must Be Still Having Problems With His Phone & Internet, So Frustrating, I Had Trouble With My Internet, Last Sunday I Couldn't Get On All Day, & Right On 6PM It Just Came Back. Almost Like It Was Turned Back On, Many Thanks For Your Many Hugs, Love & Friendship. It Means So Much To Me. Love & Best Wishes, Princess Marlene, X X X X. [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] == TO MY 2 HAPPY DARLINGS MOLLY & MIFFIE, MANY THANKS GIRLS FOR YOUR HAPPY MUMS HOME MEOWS & PURRS == HEAPS OF FURRY PURRY KISSES & LOADS OF GENTLE HUGS == I LOVE GETTING THEM & I LOVE YOU GIRLS == LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE & EXTRA == EXTRA BIG CUDDLES From Auntie Marlene. Princess Of D.L.Castle.


Thank you, Your Royal Highness. enjoy the game and may the best team (which is Queensland) win. ♥♥♥


Hello Dear Pammi, Always Lovely To Hear From You. Just Being Fair To The Blues, BUT They Don't Have A Chance. We Have Both Team Supporters Here, All Dressed Up. One With The Blue Hair Like Your Friend, The Residents All Love Seeing Them.. We Have Blue & Maroon Balloons & Streamers Up All Round The Place. I Didn't Even Notice You Put Days Instead Of Doors. It Didn't Matter. Looks Like Nev Is Still Having Problems With The Internet. Love & Best Wishes Dear Pammi & Eric. Marlene.


Sorry Marlene. For 'a few days up from us' should be 'a few doors up from us. ☺☺

The older I get, the more my brain lags behind my fingers. ♥


Yes being very diplomatic here dear Marlene, we don't watch the footie but it made a fun puzzle. You had fun creating this one my friend. We had big tidy up this morning and sorted a big box of books etc to go to our local charity shop. My sister (Carolyn) is visiting next week, so no more posting after Sunday night (that will be my last for a while) until Thursday night. It's a beautiful sunny day here and the girls are happy. I hope you are well. I see no sign of Nev so he must be having more trouble with his internet and phone. SO frustrating for him. Many hugs my friend and love from your friend Janet xxxxxx

Miffie and Molly send happy meows and purrs, heaps of furry purry kisses and loads of gentle hugs to Auntie Marlene, the Princess. ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥


Go Broncos. Princess Marlene, are you perhaps hedging your bets here? My friend Marilyn, who originally hails from Sydney and now lives in the same complex where we are, does volunteer work in the dementia ward at the nursing home a few days up from us every Wednesday. I can see her in my mind's eye today with her all-blue outfit on and her blue wig firmly in place prancing around and absolutely delighting the inhabitants. I always tell her she is a real turncoat for still barracking for NSW. ♥♥♥

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