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Altiplano, Bolivia, South America

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In today's Daily Puzzle, we're in the mountains of Bolivia, nestled within the heart of South America.

The imposing Andean mountain range has been a stage for ancient civilizations, notably the Tiwanaku and the Incas. The Tiwanaku, based around the southern side of the Altiplano, left behind mysterious ruins like the Gate of the Sun, dating back to around 500AD. In the 15th century, the region was conquered by the Inca Empire, incorporating it into a vast network of roads and terraces, many of which still exist today. Notably, the Altiplano was a significant center for silver mining during Spanish colonial times, leaving behind cities like Potosí.

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Thank you for this amazing picture and the information. Took the video journey, the closest I will get to travel.

Amazing. Yes, I'd love to travel and see this, but it's not in the cards for me.

Stunning picture, thank you.



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