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I'm glad you all liked this challenge, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.


Love stripes, Advia! And these wonky, textured stripes were fun. Thank you! (❛ᴗ❛)

Looks like a very soft, comfortable afghan, that I could use to curl up and watch TV. Thanks. Sandy

That was tough,but interesting, thank you, adviana!!


I see your point, Advia.

I am superstitious when it comes to birthdays. Early greetings are fine with me, but not mentioning of negative or inauspicious things like the opposite of living, etc.

I do not like black colour, especially for birthday cards.


GREAT! another birthaday party. The carpet is unrolled and waiting! Except if it is close I come by train. I do not congratulate in advance in case any superstitious person reading it.


Yes Advia, please drop by at my 1 June puzzle which will be posted at US time on that particular day. It will be a Virtual Birthday Party puzzle as June is my birthday month :-)

I look forward to seeing you as you fly in on the magic carpet :-)


Glad you liked this Jason. It is a snakeskin texture of my program. Will visit you tomorrow :-)


Nice textures :-)

Thank you, Advia.