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Scaredy cat 🙀

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  2. EAR0:10
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Maddy, that's hilarious! A narcissistic horrid little person! I'll have to remember that!


Cat zoomies are real!!!

But on the topic of creepy, Tom Cruise would send me screaming out of the room. He doesn’t even need to wear a clown suit. All I see is a narcissistic horrid little person.


LOL! Yep, devoted.


That’s him ON me in my Avatar. You can see the toes of my house shoes.


You offer an ideal opportunity and treat for a cat of golden years, then. He must be devoted to you.


Sam is18. He wigs out when he sees birds fly by. He’s been an indoor cat most of his life. He’s too arthritic to jump over the baby fencing on my deck, so now he gets to go out , but only if I’m out too.


Oh, is Sam old? I would have guessed 6 or 7 in that photo.

I am planning to hang a birdfeeder for my kitties, but haven't decided whether it should be directly outside a window, or in the tree about ten feet away. The experts say that cats see motion much better than detail, and they're all more or less myopic. At this point it's a matter of asking friends their opinions. So, ahem...

(I will relish "a parakeet on a cheese grater" for the rest of my days. :-D )


I find Martin Shorts’s Cat kinda like a parakeet on a cheese grater.
Sam is too old to get excited about much unless he sees a bird when he’s outside.


@Juba1010, finally, someone who agrees with me re Martin Short! [shudder] I definitely haven't seen the movie, but I read "Entertainment Weekly" regularly, and I recall the scathing reviews.

Cat neuroscientists agree that cats do daydream. And I have about 15 black "floaters" in my left eye, which is a LOT like seeing demons and hallucinations.

Anyway, I think they don't always run away in panic. The kitty krazies are a real thing, and I think they are sparked by excited glee, not fear. Their body language represents playfulness, not distress.


LOL Fiona. Not sure I’ve seen that, but Martin Short would make me run away.
I believe some cats can see demons, or hallucinations.


I have known that moment. My new strategy is to have Mike Myers as "The Cat in the Hat" playing on the TV, and then everyone has a reason to flee the room.

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