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These pretty peachy pastel Stocks were in amongst a patch of white Stocks - at Roma St Parklands, Brisbane City last Sunday.
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  1. Juanca28100:10
  2. Janazlouky0:12
  3. PLG19580:13
  4. alkmini0:14
  5. eluck0:14
  6. wigma0:15
  7. morris1860:15
  8. Ceanne20:15
  9. robryan0:15
  10. stephen0:15


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LOL!!! HELP!!! Ami - I need you:))))))
Peachy pastels performing perfectly posed proliferations in the Parklands for pedestrian passers-by!! You win Warb:)))))) Thanks for the laugh pal:))))


Super close up Robyn!! Pretty peachy pastel potentially posing primarily portly, pretending primeval passionate perfection.


Thanks Lunie - it mat be too hot in the Philippines for these to grow!!

Thanks Jana, smllpkg, Lyndee & ikook - they looked and smelt wonderful!!


I love the close up, Robyn, beautiful picture of a beautiful flower. I wish I could smell them, we don't have them over here.


They look so soft and delicate.


Just peachy!


I do not know this flowers, but they are wonderful, thanks a lot Rob ☺ Good night, hugs.


haven't seen any of them around here! so pretty rob!


LOL!! I didn't see any roses the day we went:((( Thanks Barb:))

Thanks Janet - all the Stocks were really nice!!


Very pretty Rob, love the colours. I can smell them from here. Mine have just started to flower but only singles so far. Thanks and hugs, janet.


No, no blue ones.....and no blue roses either :(


Thanks Barb - they had a lovely range of colours - but no BLUE ones:))))


Very pretty and I like pastels too :) Especially yellow/peach :) Thank you Rob :)


Thanks BettyBud, Patti, Shirley & Beekay - they smelt sweet and I really like these soft colours!!!


Oh my! And I bet they smell as pretty as they look too!!!


Before I read your comment, Rob, I was thinking, peaches and cream, beautiful flowers, Thank you, Rob.


Oooh, beautiful!!!

These are so elegant!
Thank you :o)

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