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My Wake-up Call from Shadow

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  1. racoonstar2:06
  2. Impie2:17
  3. stephro2:35
  4. jwait2:54
  5. minikratt2:59
  6. charlotteszeligova3:06
  7. Holga3:07
  8. massomgale3:09
  9. sbl3:19
  10. Phoenix513:27


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Oh, yes, Ivar. I am very fastidious about my grooming. I'm glad you appreciate my efforts!


Hello friend, you are beautifully polished. Do alone you clean yourself?


We sure do, sbl...and they love us back regardless. The love of an animal is unconditional!
Shadow has every right, he's gorgeous!♥

We do love them anyway, don't we Impie?! Must be because they're such wonderful friends. Shadow thanks you kindly for the compliment: he's very fastidious about his coat.




The last 10 months of his life, Goofie used to wake me at 6AM every morning!!!! It was a bit early to say the least, but yet I loved him very much anyway! ♥☺♥
Shadow looks really great in his beautiful black shiney coat!♥


I so know this. This is how mine used to awake me up:
Now she is more patient and just settles on my legs and at twelve pounds it does not take me over long to wake up.

Hahaha! He only looked away from me for this brief second before starting to nag again!


LOL, reminds me of my black cat, Indigo who would sit across the room and stare at me intently until I got out of bed and fed him. :-))

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