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Stella is a foster cat I'm taking care of for awhile. In my area new laws have passed and many of the rescue groups have been scurrying to find fosters or adoptees while their homes are being investigated and dogs/cats tallied. They now have limits on how many they can have in their homes and/or outside.


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I noticed Stella was a tad plump. I'd adopt her in an instant, but I live in California right near the Camp Fire. I am three cats over the limit for my apartment because the property management has "rules." I had to adopt the last three because my next door neighbors hate/fear cats and kill them when they can. My little calico, Mimi, looks a lot like Stella.


I'm in Pensacola, Florida. There are some random people calling themselves rescues, basically they're more interested in money and do pressure others to take in the strays they find, these ones will also go to the Humane Society or other places for money to get strays fixed and shots. Others are registered and find their own ways of paying, adoption fees or donations but also their own money. Stella is healthy, but very much overweight. She has lost a little in the 3 weeks I've had her and now starting to play with toys and becoming more active. She will make a great addition to someone's family, I hope she gets adopted.

What repressive regime are you under? Maybe it's because it's a rural area here that the authorities are a little more tolerant about the number of animals you can keep. We actually have cat rescue groups that spay and neuter feral cats. My heart goes out to beautiful Stella and her friends.