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Another Grasshopper eating the Hibiscus buds!!

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Today - in the garden.
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Good shot , they can be pests.


LOL!! Yep - I agree Beekay, and I killed another one this morning :)))


They are nasty Robyn!


My pleasure Katbalou - I'm pleased you liked this puzzle!!

Ah Mags - was that you I heard screaming :))))) I react that way to the really big ones - I can't stand their spikey legs!!! Thanks:)))

Thanks Barb - they sure are a nuisance, but I guess we have to put up with them! At least they're not in plague proportions here - not like the swarms that destroy crops!!

Thanks dondi - I'll tell Jeremy:))

Unfortunately Patti!!!! Thanks!

Thanks Floyd - as long as you visit I don't mind how long you take to solve the puzzle!! I hope you're enjoying your new computer :))

LOL!! Same old dark green Dave :))) I actually took a couple of shots of it depositing it's 'tobacco' :)))

Thanks Nicky - glad you like it :)))

It didn't listen Suzy - so it ended up under my sandal :))))

Thanks Ami :)))

We have them too Nev - they are usually young grasshoppers or a similar bug with a pointy head!! If you Google them you'll see the difference!! Thanks!!

Thanks for the offer Shirley, but there always seems to be another 3 or 4 the next day!!! I can't for the life of me think of one good thing that they do - bit like leeches or fleas or ticks!!!! Thanks Shirley!


Great picture Jeremy, I'd stomp on him for you Rob, if I were there, nasty little critter, I wonder if they do any good at all?


The photo is excellent, too bad the subject matter isn't a welcome one!!!


Oh no! Go away grasshopper!!!


How annoying. What a fantastic shot.


That stinks, but I can't help wonder what color its tobacco is. Excellent photo, Jeremy!


Thank you Rob/Jeremy.
I won't be on the leaderboard for quite awhile.


He has good taste! :)


*Wonderful* photo! You sure are getting on well with your new camera! :-)


Great shot robryan.......Thanks...


They sure are devils, Rob! With rain there would be more vegetation for them to eat but where is the rain???? Great picture though...thanks Jeremy!


Oh, I know they do a lot of damage but I still love the photo/puzzle. What a fascinating head (face and antennae). Thank you so much for the interesting puzzle!


He was the right colour Janet - but was only about 1" long!! He ended up in grasshopper 'heaven' too!!! They've chewed the tops off 3 or 4 flower buds and munched on the new soft leaves - cheeky devils!! Here's hoping you get rain soon!!! Thanks ♥


YUK! He's one of those big "plague" locust type of grasshoppers. I hate them. I noticed today that the little black ants are putting black scale onto my hibiscuses, that's a sign that the plants are stressed.

Good pic, Rob (son Jeremy!) thanks, hugs, Janet ♥

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