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Mourning Dove nesting in the patio of my new house, San Marcos, California

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This is not a great shot, but it's the first bird puzzle from my new house. I won't move in for a few more weeks.
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Congratulations on the new house Ginni!!!!


That’s interesting, hmm . . no telling what’s on their little minds :)


This one is really quiet, Tea, as if hoping I won't see her. Hopefully as they get used to me I'll have some friendly cooing. :-)


True, Patsy, but I still wish it was done! I'm not managing to pack any faster because I wish that, though!

I've only once done a truly gradual move. I found it less stressful than the usual single moving day. You are getting to savour your new place as you get ready for the big day.


Thanks, Jacki. Slow, but sure. I should be moved by the end of July. :-)


Sweet, I love the sound of Doves cooing!
You have a great neighbor :)


Sounds wonderful Ginni! Congratulations!


There are several stumps in the back yard, all movable, Jacki. The bird bath is on one and I plan on moving another one nearby to put seed on. Hopefully other birds will eat some of the seed and maybe even get a drink and at least become familiar with the back yard before I move in. Fingers crossed! :-)


Thanks, canoekaw!


Fabulous, Ginni. Can't wait to see pics of the youngsters! In spite of the number of mourning doves we have here, I've yet to see one recognizable as a youngster. And you're right, the ground is the only place from which to feed them, at least based on our experience with them. They've never even tried to land on any of our feeders. They don't have the right kind of feet.


I enjoy seeing doves also. I hope you have many more visitors to photograph. Good luck with the move.


Me too, Patsy!

Nice photo.
So glad that this and other birds are there to welcome you to your new house.


Thank you both! I'm going to buy some birdseed next time I'm up there. I won't need a feeder for the doves; they'll be happy to have it scattered on the patio.


Best wishes to both of you!


A lovely housemate, Ginni. I can imagine you are getting exciting about getting in and settled. Doves represent peace don't they? May your time here always be peaceful. Thanks for sharing your first bird photo here.

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