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Gollum's pretties

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thanks Joyce, it is a pretty one


WOW!! All the way it's the *Right Middle* for me today. Absolutely gorgeous! Many thanks again June!! :))))))))))
time, 4:05


thanks Ardy and Jess, he does ferret the pretties out


Gollum does find pretty things! My favorite is the top center, but only by a hair. thanks for creating such wonderful images.!


Hi June. Middle left and middle right are my top favorites with the top middle and bottom right close behind and the rest crowding them. They are all delightful. Thanks, June.


Hi Barb, Berenike, Edna and Sandi thank you


Wonderful puzzle! Top middle and bottom middle get the favorite cards today, but the rest are all beautiful. Thanks, June.


I love the middle right , thank you June !!

Hi June! Top middle is my favorite today, for its elaborate design. Thanks!


Beautiful collection, June! My favourites are the top middle and the bottom right. Thanks so much for a lovely solve. :-)


thanks Kirsten, these have all been on Gollum's Saturday set so they are already all favourites with me


Gollum has most excellent taste!! My number one fave is that middle right. How utterly gorgeous! Can't wait to see that one on its own! Top left and middle middle get my second fave cards today. Gorgeous collection, June. Beautifully curated by gollum. Thanks to both of you! (•‿•)

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