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In loving memory of my beautiful boy

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Today, October 27th it has been a year since he passed. I miss seeing him skittering around a corner or hiding behind a chair waiting to stalk me. He grew from a skitterish feral kitten to a loving one person companion. Miss you my boy!
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Aw...what a wonderful photo of your precious kitty. It's hard to believe a year has passed already. May you take comfort in knowing that he had much love and a wonderful life with you while he was here. Thank you for this puzzle!


Atsutsa looks especially handsome in this the outstretched paw. So nice to see him. I hope photos like this one and all your memories are giving you moments of laughter and a smile amidst missing your precious boy. Hugs ♥♥♥

Aw, time goes so quickly and so slowly at these times. They give their love so unconditionally.


Oh Anne, can it really be a year already? I know you must miss him but hope your happy memories of him will comfort you.


There's our precious boy....can't imagine that it's one year ago already when you told the very sad news, Anne. Of course you miss him, I can understand that all too well!♡ He was such a character and a much appreciated guest who brightened up the virtual kitty parties whilst wearing his turbo giddy knickers. I'm pretty sure he and Goofie continued their friendship at the Rainbow Bridge and all their other friends!


It hardly seems likes its been a year since Atsutsa's passing. I feel your sadness and understand how much he is missed. He was such a sweet and handsome kitty boy.


My gorgeous he was a beautiful boy that blessed your life. It easy to see all of his charms that made it impossible for you not to fall in love with him, I am so glad the two of you got to experience quality time together. And I am sorry for your loss.



He had a hard beginning, but you gave him a happy ending. You gave him your heart, love, and a warm home. You made his life special as he did yours. You had the courage to open your home to him. Thank you for sharing him with us.


A very beautiful boy. You saved him and gave him a loving home. Now he is your angel.


I totally understand. I lost my 18 year old boy in 2017 and I still miss him so much. Even though I have lots of patters of little feet, none of them are him. So, thank you for posting this picture of your handsome boy. We are all here for you. Jigidi is a great place for us to share memories of our fur babies. I echo Rosee, Hugs :))


Atsutsa - what a lovely picture of your boy, he is missed by everyone that learned to love him on Jigidi - they all leave huge paw prints on our heart when they leave us - Mrs. Quinn.


He was a gorgeous cat. I love the beauty mark. He is probably playing with the other animals like Jojonet mentioned. Thank you for sharing him with us. I don't know you but HUGS:))

Atsutsa left you suddenly at such a young age (12). I'm not surprised if you are still grieving. He was active, loving, and photogenic, and you shared many photos/puzzles here. I know you miss him. And so do other humans, and cats too, including many in the Jigidi community.

Maybe he's up there somewhere playing tag with my black and white cat, Cody, who was also a feral cat & has been gone since 2006. He loved to hide behind the big planters on the patio and leap out at me when I came out to water the flowers. He's really beautiful and he will be in your heart forever.

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