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beautiful old stove and chair

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Mom had a wood stove a little smaller than this that she cooked on, when we lived on the ranch. Mid 50's to 1961. I like the spice rack on the wall.


We had a stove that looked something like this one back in the early fifties.It was converted to a sawdust burner with the hopper on the left and a copper coil inside for heating our water.Not exactly hot water on demand like now...I was the brat sent out to the sawdust pile in the shed with a tall metal pail to fetch more sawdust and keep the hopper full...Dont miss that chore a bit...Especially in the early winter mornings when the sawdust pile was frozen and you had to plunge the metal bucket hard against the pile to loosen up the sawdust to put it in the pail...BRRRRR.....


I imagine my grandma might have had something like that.


Great old fashioned stove and chair. Thanks. Marina.


Thank you for a wonderful peek at our history!


I agree i love seeing these old style kitchens with the old style stove

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