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Freya - Big purrs!

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Hi catslave - can you let us know if you are ok :-)


waar ben je


And I was thinking of you today, too... ❤️❤️❤️


♫♫ Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to to you
Happy Birthday dear catslave
Happy Birthday to you ♫♫
Hip, Hip, Hooray.
Big hugs and hope you have a wonderful birthday. Pam. x x x x x

(In case you missed it, Ank has put up a lovely birthday card for you).


Thinking of you...hope you are alright. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (One for each of you)


Dear catslave
I am sending love and great big hugs to you, Tyr, Miss Freya and Ash and wishing all of you a happy and safe Christmas. I do hope that 2017 brings only good things your way. Everyone misses all of you like mad and I know their thoughts are with you also.
Fond thoughts. Pam x x x


we are missing you and your cat family on Jigidi


Hi catslave, just popping in to say a big Aussie hello to you and the kids. I do hope the summer has been kind to you and afforded you some relief. We all (i.e. EVERYBODY) miss you like mad and you are in our thoughts as are Ash, Miss Freya, and of course the beautiful Tyr. No need to reply to this. I just want you to know that you are greatly missed as are the adventures of your furry clan. ♥♥♥♥


She is cbmuller - she seems to think that my laptop bag is a cat bed. Poor thing obviously doesn't have enough cat beds in this house... ☺

Pammi, she was kneading the air and purring very loudly - I don't think she would hear the whispers! ♥☺♥

Lynetteoz, she doesn't want to miss anything!


Hello gorgeous girl - I can see you peeking Freya :-)


Hello, beautiful Miss Freya. I am speaking very softly so as not to disturb you. Sshhh, go back to your sweet kitty dreams. ♥☺♥


Soooo comfortable!


Thank you Olya! She usually is... ☺

Thanks soo! Nope Tyr is being a big sweetie - I promise you some pictures of him, if he will stand still long enough!


Wow Freya I can hear purring all the way over here ♥

She is looking as gorgeous as ever catslave. Is Tyr in hibernation? ☺☺


awwww, she is so floofy! She also looks like she is plotting something :)