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Cat, Grand Avenue Bridge, Del Mar, California

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I hate seeing this cat on the trail. It has been around for a few months, and someone at one of the local offices feeds it, but I know there are coyotes here. There used to be other cats too, but this is the only one I have seen recently. If it were friendly, I would scoop it up and take it home with me!
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  1. mefmouse1:03
  2. nela091:10
  3. racoonstar1:14
  4. hadzi1:18
  5. Ginni21:18
  6. grace491:24
  7. yarnover1:25
  8. Atsutsa1:26
  9. Cadreamer1:27
  10. MoreJunk1:30


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Ah well. Some cats just are not happy unless they are outdoors. Better a shorter happy life than a longer miserable life. And he is well-fed, which certainly contributes to a happy life.


I would scoop up this royal looking cat also. I understand it not being friendly. It is a very pretty cat.


Someone feeds him (or her), and the tip of the ear is clipped, so he has been neutered by Feral Cat Coalition. A friend takes care of the feral cats in her neighborhood. I just hate to see him out here. We don't have many trees. And bobcats climb as well as cats, although we have a lot more coyotes than bobcats.


That's a pretty good size cat. Obviously getting nutrition from whatever source. Cats can climb trees. I doubt if coyotes can.


you mean bird eater....LOL


Oh, Ginni. He's so beautiful too. I'm sorry to hear he's wild and trying to survive the coyotes.

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