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I mentioned Mufasa going in the tree...well on Christmas day he got in a few times.
Why this advertisement?


  1. jasonchung5:33
  2. getlostinabook5:39
  3. babray6:09
  4. TaMaLeLo6:18
  5. GmaBee6:26
  6. hhhyrax6:53
  7. beexeye6:56
  8. revreb6:58
  9. krenov7:07
  10. delanee7:14


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Thanks everyone...somehow I have missed these comments.
jasonchung, he is very affectionate...he has never hissed at anyone. Very friendly.

beyondwords...yes he is still with us. He is about 8 years old, indoor cat.

Niccolino59...he is very entertaining. He has us trained. lol


Aww! He obviously found it very entertaining!


Old photo of a delightful cat. Is Mufasa still part of your family? Any recent photos?


Such an affectionate cat.

Mufasa must be very experienced in climbing Christmas tree by now. It is said that whenever cat falls, they will always land on their feet.


Thanks for stopping by. Every Christmas, he is in the tree. I do worry that he will get stuck. He IS very soft and loves to cuddle.


He likes this Christmas tree and is claiming it as his. He looks very comfortable and relaxed. Beautiful pattern and a lovely coat of furs.

Why this advertisement?