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  1. like921150:23
  2. TaDah0:29
  3. Grandma_W0:33
  4. Jeanneb890:36
  5. Robbos0:36
  6. shashy34350:38
  7. hadzi0:39
  8. sonny0:39
  9. orake0:40
  10. 1000ltu0:42


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Thanks Ardy, I'm beginning to feel much better these days, just keeping busy on fixing up our house! There's still so much left to do before everyone gets here for Christmas! Can't wait till we're all done! Big hugs dear friend! xxx


Thanks, Monica. Hope you are doing as well as your puzzles are cute today.


LOL sweetpants1994! Yes, lets just see if dog can beat this cat's feat! I agree, he is awfully beautiful, even all wet like that! Love his eyes, don't you!


Yes dog see if you can beat that, beautiful cat,

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