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Pomeranian Geese

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LOL Laura...don't you just have to smile?


Ha caught it at precisely the right moment!


Such an easy exploration. Thank you PuzzleG for looking that up:-))


I looked it up & Pomerania, believe it or not, is a place in Germany. That explains why the dogs & these geese share the same name.


I haven't a clue how or why they earned the same name as the dogs.... Kind of odd isn't it Gracie?


They are beautiful Beekay! I never heard of this kind of geese!


Keep working on him PuzzleG and maybe you can win him over to the idea ;-))

They are nice looking birds Floyd.

I don't think I'd want them in the swimming pool but I can see it would be difficult to keep them out!! Perhaps this is what Jacki needs to cure here slug problems in her gardens ;-))


Beauties! Especially the one doing a ballet pose! Thanks Beekay.
My son ,had a duck,
Good "watch dog" very territorial and noisy. Swam in the swimming pool! Yuck!
One good thing we never had to worry about snails when he was with us!


Sharp looking birds.


Yes, they're very talented! I love their coloring. I'd love to get a goose or 2 to protect our chickens, but Hubby says my biddies are too expensive to feed & keep as it is. (sigh) At least I can see them in lovely photos like this one, thank you for sharing it BK. :)


I don't really know about the breeds personality Jacki. This farm (in rural Vermont) is right next to the road. The dirt you see in the photos foreground is the actual road :-)) I stopped and got out and took several photos of the geese and they didn't try to chase me away so I'm going to say these particular geese had better manners than most :-)))

But look what they can do with their legs PuzzleG :-D

Thanks Diana☺

Jyl, they can be very territorial. I have seen two geese chase off a fox so yes they can help guard the farm!

Everyone seems to be enjoying her performance smllpkg.


These are really pretty, especially the ballerina on the end!


Hey BeeKay and lyndee: No, I've never raised geese, but while I was working for the veterinarian we had on staff a woman who had chickens and geese (and a few other animals). She used to bring eggs to work when anyone asked for them and I got to know them (the eggs) quite well.
Jacki, I don't know about Pomeranian geese's temperament except that my mom told me that they used domestic geese instead of dogs to guard their poultry farm, and that she didn't trust them.


Love it


Pomeranian geese?! Wow, I never heard of them before, but they are lovely. I wonder, if they're "pomeranians", why don't their tails curl up over their backs? ;-D


they are pretty but are they as fresh as the common geese? can you turn your back on them without worrying? nice shot beekay.


Have the same thoughts with Mogens!


Lyndee, I see Jyl did an excellent job in answering your question :-))
That you jyl for that great explanation. Do you raise geese? You seem very familiar with cooking goose eggs :-)
I'm sure that one doing a ballet move must be a girl Janet ;-) I'm smiling too♥


Oh yes the back one is doing a little ballet for us. Fabulous and fun photo thanks BK. hugs ♥


Thanks jyl. I'll probably never get the chance but I would not hestitate should I ever get the opportunity to try one.


The eggs are mighty big, lyndee! They are much like chicken eggs and, like duck eggs, the yolks are a brighter yellow, getting close to an orange. The flavour is richer. They are worth trying, if you get the opportunity. The only thing they don't do well is scramble - the yolks don't break up and blend with the rest as well, so they look kind of strange - but the flavour is still great.


I always wonder what people do with domestic geese. They must lay mighty big eggs! And, I wonder if they taste the same as a chicken egg. Hmmm?


They are cute aren't they Florri?
Ardy she has a lot of style :-D BTW I'd need a handhold too☺
She has the moves Mogens :-))) I'm happy you liked seeing this photo, and you're welcome :-))


LOL I have an exercise I do that is like what the last goose is doing. (Very pretty geese by the way). If I did it without holding on the something I'd fall right over. Great photo, BeeKay. Thanks.


Ank, majerkowski, I think she's practicing her ballet moves :-)))
I thought so too cherlock!


Lol, the one at the right is giving a stop sign to the geese in the back. ☺


Look at the last in line! What a pose!

Oh they are beauties!!!

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