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GinaMarie: OH!!! Paper!!!

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She does love to "chase" the paper & the printer. In the mornings when I'm reading online papers this is her spot. When the printer goes off, the TV is history and it is all paws on printer deck. ☺♥☺♥
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  1. Impie2:17
  2. racoonstar2:17
  3. Cadreamer2:29
  4. allenh11512:30
  5. Rackles2:32
  6. 13132:38
  7. diannez3:01
  8. babray3:13
  9. carmela4:12
  10. Galmar4:14


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Agree, we'll get a date set soon!


babray - what a great idea!!!

LOL! Agree!!!! The other 4 were TOO BLURRY to even think of using! Next Jigidi Kitten party I'll set the printer up for Reese's & GinaMarie!☺☺♥☺☺♥ f course the printer may never be the same! ☺


GinaMarie - I could send you Reese's to help you chase paper coming out of the printer - Mrs. Quinn - this is great babray I just saw this puzzle!!

I think it was a dog but can't be sure. To her chasing printer paper is a great game and she is a printer stopper, too! GinaMarie is a character & a half to be sure Tisketsmum!


It that a kitty printed on that sheet? Maybe she thinks you've been internet kitty dating for her and is taking a look at the latest prospect.
They're a constant source of amusement and joy aren't they?

Same here Impie! It is wonderful when it works and not so good when it doesn't. She'll curl up on that side table in the mornings but let the printer start and she's wide awake and NEVER ready for the paper to quit! It is even MORE fun because I have it set on full duplex (it prints on both sides so it gets sucked up into the printer to print the second side!) She loves it and I have to watch that it does not get shredded... ☺☺♥☺☺


LOL.....this is really cute. Glad I caught your pictures after all!♥☺♥

Sorry for the late comments..... I just hate it when I don't get all notifications of new puzzles, even while I have you as "follow"..... I seem to miss out if I don't go browsing through my favourites every now and then!!! :((

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments! I've been on days and come in and collapsed! She LOVES the printer!


This is too cute, Betty! Every printer needs a supervisor, right? :-))


Quality control inspector - that's Gina Marie


It's a rough job, but someone has to keep those pages neatly lined up! :D


Sounds like she is developing her own style!

So cute!!

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