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Vintage Fruit Crate Labels Depicting Love, Cupid and Sweethearts

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Has been a rough two weeks in my world. I got a bacteria infection with a fever and got extremely dehydrated and got endless dry heaves that just wiped me out. The medicine for the infection made me so ill, couldn't eat, sleep or relax and then I got a massive migraine headache. Finally they found an anti nausea medicine so I could rehydrate and the medicine started fighting the infection.

Today I feel amazing. Today is amazing. Life is good again.

I pray all is well in your world. Hugs, GrandmaPegs.

I had a large number of hearts and sweetheart puzzles ready to post so you will all be getting your Valentines from me late. But then everyday is worth celebrating!
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Loved this. So glad you're recovering from your ordeal. Stay well. julie.

I'm glad to hear your rough weeks are over for now and I hope you continue to feel better. I so enjoy your puzzles and it makes my day when I find you've posted a new one. Thanks so much and hopefully many more amazing days ahead.


beautiful labels and frames , thanks Pag for such an enjoyable puzzle !


A Peg puzzle! My day just got better! Not only because I had the pleasure of solving, but I got to hear from you. You sure had a tough two weeks but I’m glad they found a way to help you and that you are feeling better.

I think about you and pray for you every day. I look forward to more of your Valentines.

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