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We're very fortunate to have these memories. I had a very similar childhood at just about the same time. I was in 2nd grade in 1955. Times have really changed. I'm thankful that we grew up when we did.


@petsmom Ribbon candy is part of the "Christmas" that my grandmother always had. Ribbon Candy and Candy canes, visits from Santa (one of the grandparents guy friends) and everybody staying over at my grandparents house for Christmas mornings. Always some folks coming by - friends of my grandparents, and parents. I'm assuming we have meals....but I don't really remember them at all (pre 2nd grade so before 1953). Seems the women in my family all knew how to cook really well. And my grandmother would make special things (she was a professional seamstress and did lots of needle crafts). She stood all of 5 feet and didn't even weigh 100 pounds but she was a quiet package of dynamite.


I love, love, love Ribbon Candy. I found some at Christmastime the last 2 yrs but it was just ok. Not like it used to be. Thanks for the info about The Vermont Country Store, Atsutsa. I will check it out. Enjoyed the puzzle and the memory. Hope 2021 will be a good year for everyone.


way back yonder when i was a young'un
we didn't get much at Christmas
that candy was so pretty and so good
still is pretty and looks like Christmas
thanks for sharing


Now why didn't I get a notification to this 'sweet' puzzle?
I used to have a sweet tooth but also favored 'drop' (Dutch licorise) ...the salter the better.☺☺ Today I mustn't even think of eating any of it...LOL

Nice puzzle, Anne, thanks!♥


Good memories! I remember getting a 3"X5" box of Ribbon Candy along with other hard candies at Christmas after our Sunday School program every Christmas.


Oh, yes, GG, my grandmother ALWAYS had a bowl of mixed hard candies (you can buy bags of it still at Vermont) and a box of ribbon candy for Christmas. Coconut cake for Easter, and fantastic pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. All 5'0"of her was such a great baker!




Thank you so much, Atsutsa! I'll have to get some next year for Christmas Season!


GG, you can get this and a lot of other mid-20th century stuff from The Vermont Country I like to go there just to look at it all.


Wow, it's been quite a while since I've had this! I miss it!


@schutkleur This is Ribbon Candy

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