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100 - 43

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  1. bbhmstr15:51
  2. machelaes16:46
  3. Pooka16:53
  4. ocha17:05
  5. artsy35717:48
  6. mom2beat18:26
  7. karenbyassee18:26
  8. askidmore119:18
  9. Alin19:22
  10. bluemucl19:34


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Wow! 6 more beautiful, wonderful comments for my puzzle! Thank you kapuzzled :) Thank you Gaillou :) Thank you Robyn :) Thank you Robina :) Thank you debs :) Thank you mimluc :) My heart smiles knowing I can make something so appreciated.


Loved all the pretty patterns graciepie!! Thanks so much for making & posting it! :)


Wow graciepie!! It's always such a great day ~ when it begins with one of your fabulous puzzles. Many thanks, as always :)


Love, love, loved it! I know I'm repeating everyone else, but the patterns are so pretty, and the colours too, I'm always happy to see one of your puzzles. You never fail to make something wonderful!


Lovely patterns graciepie! I love all these small squares too... what a shocker coming from me, eh? lol - Lots of fun, as usual, thank you very much. :)


Super, super puzzle! Thank you so much. Lots of fun.


I totally enjoyed this puzzle. Great patterns and nice colors. Thank you so very much!


Chilisand, HopperMutt05, norkor, and yroets, Thank you for commenting to let me know you are enjoying my puzzle. It makes me very happy and motivated :D


Timmie! Your praise is so wonderfull! Flattery will get you more puzzles for sure! :))

Thank you, I enjoyed it very much

beautiful, love the patterns, thanks

This was fun to do, thanks!!


Grat calicos, thank you!


Gracie, that is the most beautiful collection of colors, flowers, and patterns yet. Just when I think you can't possibly top yourself - you do it! I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go on Jigidi and find you have a new puzzle there. Thanks for keeping them coming.

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